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"Hello, you alright?" Niall said quietly as he walked in. "Yeah I'm fine, where's Arlie?" I asked. "She's with Liam, she didn't want to get up so I had to force her to be up, but he's just coming" I said. "Is she alright?" I asked. "Yeah she's fine" he said walking over to Noah's little bed. "The fans are going crazy outside" he laughed as he looked out the window.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked placing a kiss onto my lips. "Yeah it was alright" I said brushing some hair out my face. "I got you some chocolate" he said opening a bag. "What did you get?" I asked. "It's all in there" he said handing me a bag. "Will the rest be coming soon?" I asked. "Yeah there just on their way" he said. "When they get here can you go and get Arlie? I don't want her going through that massive crowd without you" I said. "Yeah sure baby" he said.

"Right I won't be long" Niall said handing Noah to me. "Go careful" I said as he walked out the door. I looked out the window to see a huge crowd, I couldn't see the boys though but I could see their car. I walked back to my bed, gently rocking Noah. He's such a cutie. I starting thinking about Arlie's birth, it wasn't quite as smooth as Noah's, Arlie's was definitely very scary and panicky because she was premature but I loved every second of it.

"Mummy!" Arlie yelled as she wriggled out of Niall's arms. "Shh princess, you have to be quiet" I said. "Hello baby" she whispered as she stroked Noah's tiny patch of hair. "Can I hold him?" She asked. "Come and sit up on the bed with mummy" I said. Harry helped her up and she sat next to me. I gently passed Noah over to Arlie. It bought tears to my eyes to see my baby boy and my baby girl together. "Hello Noah I'm your big sister Arlie" she whispered. My heart melted. "Shall we take a picture?" Niall asked. "Go on then" I said. "Aww look at that!" Niall cooed pointing to the screen. "We're defiantly putting that up on social media, that will be the first photo that people will see of Noah" I said. "Sure?" He asked. "Yeah go on then" I said.

"What caption shall it be?" Niall asked. "Something like Our babies" I suggested. "Or Welcome To The World Noah Romeo Horan" Louis said. I left Louis and Niall to decide and looked over at Harry, Liam, Arlie and Noah. "Uncle Harry?" Arlie asked. "Yes baby" he said. "What is Noah's name?" She asked. "Noah Romeo Horan" he said. "And I'm Arlie Daisy Horan" she said. "That's right baby well done" Harry said lifting her onto his lap.

"I might have to steal him from you" Liam laughed as he rocked Noah. "If he cries you can" I laughed. "Are you ready to sign the birth certificate?" A nurse asked. "Yup" Niall said. "I'll write it" I said. I picked up the pen and filled out the information. "Right, I'll sign you out and then you can leave in the next hour" she said. "Okay thank you" I said. "Indie, look at your Twitter" Niall said. I unlocked my phone and went onto his post.

@NiallOfficial: Our baby boy Noah Romeo Horan

@NiallOfficial: Our baby boy Noah Romeo Horan

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"I love that photo" I said. "We need to leave soon" Louis said looking at the time. "We bought you your make up and stuff" Harry said handing me a bag. "Thank you, I won't be long" I said going to the bathrooms to clean up. I only done subtle make up but enough to look presentable. I returned back to the room and everyone was ready to go. Noah was in his little car seat and Arlie was on Harry's hip. "How are we going to go outside?" Liam asked. "I'll hold Noah's car seat then India can hold my hand and Harry can carry Arlie and you two can walked behind" Niall said.

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