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This chapter will be a short chapter. The order of P.O.V will go Malia, Elizabeth and then Chad's P.O.V. Enjoy xoxo

Malia's P.O.V

So far my plan is working perfectly. My check list includes.
Make Nash fall for me - ✔️
Lie about his sister - ✔️
Make him believe me - ✔️
Use him for Fame -
Get Kylie out of the picture -
Make her kill herself -
Break up with Nash -
Tell him the truth -
Make him feel guilty for his sisters death -

3/9 done just gotta keep doing what I'm doing and all will work out. At the moment she's at the hospital probably cause of the beating some jocks and I gave her today during fourth hour. Nash didn't even care that she was there this is working perfectly. He's such a fool trusting his girlfriend that he's had for 1 day over his sister he's known for 13 years. Dickhead.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I was in the middle of a meeting when my phone rang I looked at the caller I.D and it said Hayes. Huh that's weird he should be in bed. "Sorry, I have to answer this. It's my son." "Go ahead Liz. We'll take a break." I smiled and answered the phone.

H- Hayes
E- Elizabeth

E- Hello?
H- Thank god you picked up *sniffles*
E- Yeah Hun I did. What's wrong? why are crying?
H- It's Ky she's in the hospital and all I've been told is she possibly has a couple of cracked ribs and a mild concussion nothing else yet.
E- Oh no *sobs* does Nash and Will know? I'll tell dad and book the next flight back.
H- Yeah they know. Nash didn't care cause he's to busy will his new girlfriend and Will just pulled up to the parking lot. I gotta go mum the doctor is coming out and I'll keep you updated. Love you. Tell dad and Sky I said Hi.
E- Love you too Hayes. Talk to you soon.
*phone call ended*

I just fell to my knees and cried with my head in my hands.
"Liz, honey what's wrong" Chad my husband (I know they aren't together anymore and Skylynn isn't theirs so just go with it) said "book the next flight back home. NOW!!" I yelled. "Honey please calm down we can't go home yet." He soothed "We can and we have to. Kylie's in the hospital she possibly has a couple of cracked ribs and a mild concussion" "Shit, okay on it."

I walked back into the room "Sorry to cut this trip short but I have to get back home." I explained "why this is a big thing you know." The boss said. "Yes I know but my daughter is more important, that was my son on the phone and my daughter is in the hospital and my second eldest son doesn't care and my eldest is on his way to the hospital now so I have to go." I snapped "sorry I snapped I'm just worried" I apologised. "No it's fine it's your daughter now go. We can reschedule when you're ready to back." He smiled at me "thanks" I said.

And with that Chad and I left to get Sky from her babysitter.
Went home and packed. Our flight was in 2 hours so we had to be quick.

*skip to the airport*

"Mommy, why arwe we going bwack howme?" Sky asked me
"Sweety, sissy has gone into the hospital and is hurt so we need to go back." I said tearing up. "Is sissy okay?" Her bottom lip quivered and she started crying. People thought I was telling her and came over. "Why are crying sweety? Did mommy hurt you?" Some stranger asked Sky. Sky turned to looked at her and said "no, mommy said that we hwave to go bwack home cuawse sissy is hwurt and in hopsital" (I know there's a lot of spelling errors but I purposely did it since she's 4 in this story and can't talk properly yet) "oh I'm so sorry to hear that you tell her to get better for me okay?" And with that she walked off. "Coming here baby girl" and she run into my arms.

"Flight 365 to North Carolina boarding now" the intercom called.
"Come on girls lets go home" Chad said.

*skip flight*

"Okay let's go quickly and get to the hospital. Hayes said he cleared everything with security, gave them our pictures and told them to let us through and that we'll have a police escort to get to the hospital." I said and we all run to the car waiting for us. With Sky on my right hip, luggage in my left hand and Chad taking some luggage.

Some security stopped us and said "sorry but we need to check your luggage and things first." "I'm Elizabeth Grier. I have to get through my daughter is in the hospital." "Oh I'm terribly sorry. Your son told us to let you straight through" "thanks. Bye" I said as we kept running we saw the police and told them everything, then we got into the car and the police took off and we followed.

*Skip to hospital*

Chad's P.O.V

Once we got to the hospital we quickly got out of our car and ran in. I went straight to the front desk and asked the lady "what room is Kylie Grier in?" "Sorry sir but you have to wait here unless you're family." "I am family I'm Chad Grier her father, this is Elizabeth her mother and Skylynn her baby sister." "Oh sorry sir she's on the second floor room 314" "thanks" I say and take off to the elevator.

End of chapter the next chapter like I said at the end of the last chapter is Will and Cam's P.O.V'S and the one after will have short or long P.O.V'S of everyone.

~ Trinity xo

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