Nash's P.O.V

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This is before the incident but after they arrived at school that morning. The whole chapter will be in Nash's P.O.V up until the call from Hayes.

I was walking into school after saying goodbye to the twins. I looked back to see them hugging. I smiled to myself. I love their relationship it's adorable.

"Hey Nash." I looked up to see my friends with a bunch of girls but one caught my eye. I've had a crush on her for a while her name is Malia. Her green-grey eyes you can just get lost in. Her blonde cascading down her back brings out the green in her eyes.

"What's up guys, girls and Malia" I smirked. Malia bit her lip. Yass I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend now. "Hey Malia can I talk to for a minute alone?" "Yeah sure" she replied.

"See you later guys." "BYE NASH. USE PROTECTION." Taylor yelled of course it was Taylor. I just laughed and shook my head. Me and Malia walked out front.

"So what do you wanna talk to me about Nash"
"Well I was wondering if you'd like to be my girlfriend?" I asked rubbing the back of my neck nervously. Her face lit up and she squealed and jumped in my arms and kissed me. I was shocked at first but instantly responded and wrapped my arms around her waist, and her hands found their way to my hair as she tugged at the ends.

The bell rang breaking us apart. I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers and walked off to class.

Skip to lunch

"Babe I need to tell you something about your sister and you ain't going to like it" Malia told me. "What is it?" I asked confused.

"Baby, Kylie has slept with most the boys in school and is bullying kids and telling them to kill themselves. I went up to her the other day and told you wouldn't be proud of what she was doing and she said and I quote 'I don't give a shit about my brothers, I'm just using them for fame so what's the point in them being proud of me when all I'm doing is using them' I'm sorry you had to find out from me. But I thought that you needed to be told." I was crying by this point I thought my sister actually loved me but I was clearly wrong. No more nice Nash to her.

Malia was comforting me while I was crying into her arms sitting on the ground.

Skip to end if the day

Kylie said she was walking home and I told her that I had my girlfriend coming over. So here I am at my car with Malia waiting for Hayes to get here.

"Hey Nash" he said as he hugged me "hey little bro. This Malia my girlfriend, Malia this is Hayes my little brother and Kylie's twin" I said. "Nice to meet you Hayes." She said as she shook his hand. "You too Malia. Nash where's Ky? She's sad and I don't know why I can feel it and it's making me upset too." He asked. "She's walking home tonight bud, I'm not too sure why. But enough of just standing here let's go get Starbucks then head home."

At home

We just got home and I called Kylie down to meet Malia for the second time. I had my arm around her waist telling her funny things we were laughing then I saw Kylie on the steps. Her eyes widened in fear and they became glossy. Eh I don't care.

"Kylie this is my girlfriend Malia." I sneered. She looked at my with tear filled eyes. Hayes was eyeing her suspiciously. She mumbled a 'hello' so I said "Speak up KYLIE, I can't hear a damn word you're saying "hello" she said louder and waved I just scoffed and said "whatever I'm going to my room with Malia and stay OUT Kylie" she said a simple barely audible 'ok' then go back to her room.

"Malia can you go up to Nash's room please. Upstairs third door on your left. I need to have a word with him." Hayes said. "Okay" and she skipped up to my room.

"What the fuck was that Hamilton. Did you not see how scared and upset of Malia she was or are you just that stupid?" He whisper yelled at me. "Really Hayes, can't you see that Kylie is using us for fame. If not your just as bad as your slut of a twin sister." I fired back. "Your seriously calling our sister a slut. Talk about your girlfriend much." "Don't you fucking talk about her like that she ain't no slut. The only slut here is your twin. You dick." I yelled then went upstairs.

I turned around at the top of the stairs to see him against the wall, knees to his chest and his head in his knees crying. I turned back around to go to my room. I walked past Kylie's door to hear her crying as well. Oh well.

Once I got in my room I sat on my bed next to Malia and pulled her onto my lap so she was straddling me. I put my hands on her cheeks and leaned in, while she did the same. I one hand on her cheek and one on her lower back while she was playing with my hair. She tugged harder which caused me too moan in her mouth she just smirked into the kiss. I liked her bottom lip for entrance and she gladly parted her lips. My tongue fought for dominance and won so I explored her mouth.

I have no idea how long our make out session had lasted because the next thing I know Hayes is yelling for me. I just walked towards where I could hear crying and then I heard Hayes scream.

After Talking to Hayes while his sister was dying.

"Let's get outta hear Malia it was just Kylie having a nightmare or something wasn't really paying attention." I said as I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers. We walked out of the house got in the car and headed to Taco Bell.

30 minutes later

Malia and I are watching a movie at home. Kylie and Hates aren't here for some reason. Speaking of Hayes he's calling me right now.

H- Hayes
N- Nash
*phone call*
N- Hey little bro, what up?
H- Hey uh Nash. You need to get to the hospital now.
N- Why? What happened? Are you hurt?
H- No Nash I'm not hurt b--
N- Then why the hell do I need to go down to the hospital for.
H- Because our sister is in here.
N- Wait. What? Sky?
N- Whatever. Goodbye. I'm not coming to see my slut of a sister.
H- Your unbelievable Hamilton. You know what if you don't like our sister anymore I don't like you. Bye Nash.
        *Phone call ended*

Wow sticking up for someone who is just using you, called my girlfriend stupid, called me by my first name Hamilton and doesn't like me anymore.

I told Malia and we decided to go to a party from school. We were walking in the house just as my phone started ringing the caller I.D said Will I'll just call him back later.

Hey guys end of chapter. Next chapter will include Malia's, and their parents P.O.V and then the chapter after that will be Cam's and Will's

~ Trinity xo

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