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((Your POV))

"WHERE IS IT?!" I yelled in Max's ear, waking him up

"Where's what?" he said, running his eyes.

He looked pissed. Probably because I woke him up. I'm evil.


"It's in the box, in the kitchen, on the table, I think.." he said

"THANKS YOUS!" I yelled, running downstairs into the kitchen.

I want to wear his UnderTale shirt. It's Saturday. I'm bored. We don't have to go to work to day. So I want the UnderTale shirt.

I found a box on the kitchen table that had "MAX ONLY, STAY OUT!" written on it. But he technically gave me permission to go in it, right? Well, even if he didn't I'm gonna look in of anyway.

I opened it and I was surprised. What the hell was this?!

"MAX...GET IN HERE NOW!" I yelled

He walked in the kitchen and saw me with the box

"What are you doing?!" He asked

"What am I doing?! What are you doing?!" I said, pointing to the box.


"Max, you have Girls' underwear in here..who do they belong to?" I asked.

"You.." He said

"Are you lying to me?" I asked

"No..They're yours...I took them..I'm sorry, you can have them back.." he said

"Keep them..I don't care..I would've never noticed anyway.." I said

"Really....?" He asked

I nodded, and looked through the box and grabbed his UnderTale shirt.

"Found it!" I said, running to the bathroom

"You know, I think I'm gonna go with Jin tonight." Max said.

I came out of the bathroom, "Where?"

"A bar.."

Seriously?! A bar?

"Please don't..." I begged,

"I haven't been to one in ages, (Y/N). Please?" he asked

I sighed, "Fine..Just don't get too drunk,"

He chuckled, "Mhm..Okay."

"What's so funny?" I asked

"Nothing," he said, trying not to laugh

"You're going by yourself, aren't you?" I asked

He nodded, "You'll have to pick me up,"

I sighed. Why was he going to a bar in the first place? Why couldn't he stay home? I don't get it!

-Tim-Timskip brought to you by Bacon Man's hate for Adam-

11:57pm. Max has been gone for 5 hours..I'm starting to get worried about him. He still hasn't called me!

Buzz Buzz.

That has to be Max! I looked at it and it was Adam..He wanted me to call him..Okay?

"(Y/N)? Is Max there, or...?" Adam asked

"No..? Why? Do you need him or something?" I asked

"Well he called me not to long ago, I'm guessing he thought it was you..It was a pretty weird conversation."

I sighed, "Great..He's drunk."

"You let him go to the bar? Alone?" I could hear Adam on the other line trying not to laugh

"What?" I asked

"You're gonna wish you didn't let him..I'd go pick him up if I were you." Adam said

What did he mean by, 'You're gonna wish you didn't let him'?

"Um..Okay? But what was so confusing about the conversation?" I asked

"Well...Maybe you should just go pick him up."

"Okay. Thanks, Adam" I said, hanging up

I just got up and got in the car after that, Max was coming home, no matter how drunk he is.

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