~7~This Nigga Really Didn't

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"You started messing with my head until I hit a wall"

--'Really Don't Care' Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd

The Next Day

Amir Daniels

"So you couldn't call a bitch last night when you got home?" Deja said slamming my locker shut.

"Gurl! You almost took off my motherfucking fingers!" I said rubbing my hand.

"Did you die doe?" She asked.

"Whatever hoe. I didn't call you last night because as soon as I got home, I was tired and went straight to bed." I explained while heading to towards my class.


This bitch really wanna get slapped.

"No child. I don't do that on the first date. I'm too classy for that shit." I said walking into my homeroom with Deja right behind me.

"Bitch, you got about as much class as Josh got common sense." Now that was just low.

My feelings are really hurt by that. "Bestfriend! Now that was just mean. Oop, you cut off for like two minutes." I said putting my hand up.

"Bitch that's my thing!" She said.

I just ignored her while she rolled her eyes and sat in her seat on her phone. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, taking a selfie here and there when this boy sat in front of me.

Oh shit...

It was Shawn. Why is he sitting right here. He usually sits by the windows!

Oh wait, you don't know about him...

Ok let me explain...

See, in 9th grade, I was still coming to terms with who I was and didn't understand. I always denied I was gay and acted like I was into girls so nobody would suspect me.

The only person who knew about my troubles was Deja and she was my rock through the whole thing. If it wasn't for her, you know what, we not gone touch on that.

Anyway, in 9th grade, I realized I had a crush on Shawn. He was basically the all around goofy athlete that every girl and gay guy wanted.

But's he's straight...

Now, me being the attention whore I was in 9th grade and trusting people too easily, I let people 'figure' out who I was crushing on and that I basically told that I was gay. I told like 6 people.

I kid you not I was in 6th hour when that happened. By the time school was over, which was like an hour and a half later, HALF THE FUCKING SCHOOL KNEW...

including Shawn.

Now before that, me and Shawn were cool. We sat next to each other in Science and got along well, but after he found out, he cut me off completely. He moved his seat in Science and acted like I didn't even exist and that really hurt me inside.

He was my first crush and I was new into the gay thing so I didn't know how to deal with it. Deja was about ready to fight every nigga that gave me a dirty look or someone who was talking behind my back.

She especially wanted to fight Shawn for the way he treated me and how he made me feel. To this day, she still don't like him and will still hop on tip if any bitch or nigga feel froggy enough to bring that shit up.

In 10th grade it got better, we got new homerooms that year and I was happy cause me and Deja were in the same one but I was also upset because Shawn was in there to.

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