JINHWAN ~ Insecurities

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Note: I just published a JUNHOE ft. other k-idols fanfic :)


"Woah, Jinhwan? You prepared this all for me?" I amazingly asked him as soon as he placed a tray full of fruits, veggies and milk. He really do prepared my breakfast in bed.

"Of course! I am already a daddy so as your hot husband, I will do everything just for my amazing wife." He replied as he kiss me on my forehead and kissed my tummy.

My tummy is not yet that big. The doctor said yesterday that we already have a baby. Jinhwan and I was so happy because of the news.

"Remove that hot husband thing. It's kinda gross Jinhwan." I laughed and took a spoonful of soup. It tastes good wow.

"Aw. If I'm not hot, why did you agree to be my wife?" I sighed and looked at him straight.

"I'm didn't love you because you are hot. I loved you cause you are Kim Jinhwan. I don't care about a person's appearance." He sat beside me and held my hand. I bit an apple and looked at him again.

"That's what I like about you, _______." He caressed my hair and kissed me on my head.

"But, I care about someone's height. You're lucky cause even though you're sma---"

"Just eat _______! Cut off that topic." He placed a Grape inside my mouth. I narrowed my eyebrows and just chewed it. Can't he just admit that he is small? It's true right? Haha.

"Jinhwan?" I suddenly called his name. He gave me his attention, waiting for me to speak. This thing just popped inside my mind.

"Because I'm pregnant, I would get fat and ugly. I'll look the same again after the baby is born. Would you still love me the same?" I asked him. I'm planning to sing the last sentence but I think he'll just laugh at me. Kidding haha.

He examined my face like I am a galaxy full of millions of stars. I'm afraid that he will leave me if I get fat and ugly. You know what guys like, right? Skinny bodies, flawless skins and a pretty face.

"As what you said, physical appearance doesn't matter between two persons deeply inlove with each other. Why bother getting fat? It's normal. I would even let you eat a lot for you and for our baby." He kissed me again on my head and smelled my hair. He loves doing this thing. Or maybe he just love the smell of my shampoo.

He spoke again,

"You? Getting ugly?" Jinhwan asked. He chuckled first before he continued.

"You're already ugly _______." I hit him with my pillow many times. While I'm hitting him, he's giggling and laughing like a retarded sea lion. Damn, my own husband stressing me.

"I'm just joking okay! You're the most most most gorgeous girl ever existed!" He smiled. I shut my mouth and drank my water.

"And you are the smallest guy ever existed." He messed my hair and suddenly hugged me. Glad that he is not pissed off.

"I promise you _______," He whispered with sincerity.

"We will make a happy family." He added. I dug my face onto his chest to prevent myself from crying. I know that our promises is worth promising for.

We won't just build a happy family... but also a a very happy ending.


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