Chap. 3

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I turned back Ky and held onto her hand. "You're going to be fine munchkin. You're in good hands."

Hayes' P.O.V

Once we got to the hospital I was told I needed to stay in the waiting room.

I've been waiting for 10 minutes so I decided to call Nash, Cam, mum, dad and Will and tell them what's going on.
H- Hayes
N- Nash
*phone call*
N- Hey little bro, what up?
H- Hey uh Nash. You need to get to the hospital now.
N- Why? What happened? Are you hurt?
H- No Nash I'm not hurt b--
N- Then why the hell do I need to go down to the hospital for.
H- Because our sister is in here.
N- Wait. What? Sky?
N- Whatever. Goodbye. I'm not coming to see my slut of a sister.
H- Your unbelievable Hamilton. You know what if you don't like our sister anymore I don't like you. Bye Nash.
*Phone call ended*

H- Hayes
C- Cam

C- Hey H, how's Kyls doing?
H- Not good bro, she's in the hospital.
C- WHAT? What happened? Why's she in the hospital?
H- I was on the couch watching T.V after I called you and not even two minutes later I heard her scream. I went to check on her and she was having a nightmare, but I knew only Nash and Will are able to wake her. So I called Nash in and he didn't care about her. He called her a slut and to not care about her. Her palms were bleeding and blood was pouring out of her mouth I was able to stop her palms bleeding. But her mouth wouldn't stop so I rolled her on her side so she wouldn't choke on her blood and then I called 911 and the paramedic in the back said she possibly has a couple of carked ribs and a mild concussion. And here I am.
C- Why the fuck would her own brother say that and have you called Nash and told him yet?
H- Yeah I have but he didn't give a shit I still need to call Mum, Dad and Will. So I have to go I'll keep you updated on her.
C- Okay bud. Hang in there. I'll be in North Carolina earlier than expected since my flight was early. See you soon.
H- Thanks Cam see you soon.
*phone call ended*

I was about to call Will but he called me. Weird I thought.
H- Hayes
W- Will

W- Hayes, kiddo where are ya, no ones home. Nash won't answer his phone and neither will mum and dad.
H- Hey big bro, Nash is probably with his slut of girlfriend. Mum and dad are on a business trip with Skylynn in Cali and I'm at the hospital with Ky.
H- Yeah I'm fine just get your ass down here it's Ky she's getting an x-Ray now I haven't heard anything yet. But once you get here I'll explain. I have to go now to try and contact mum and dad. Bye Will
W- Bye Hayes I'm 5 minutes away.
*phone call ended*

Okay now to try and contact mum and dad. I'll try mums phone she normally answers.
H- Hayes
E- Elizabeth

E- Hello?
H- Thank god you picked up *sniffles*
E- Yeah Hun I did. What's wrong? why are crying?
H- It's Ky she's in the hospital and all I've been told is she possibly has a couple of cracked ribs and a mild concussion nothing else yet.
E- Oh no *sobs* does Nash and Will know? I'll tell dad and book the next flight back.
H- Yeah they know. Nash didn't care cause he's to busy will his new girlfriend and Will just pulled up to the parking lot. I gotta go mum the doctor is coming out and I'll keep you updated. Love you. Tell dad and Sky I said Hi.
E- Love you too Hayes. Talk to you soon.
*phone call ended*

"HAYES" I hear Will scream. "Will" I whisper and run into his arms and cry. "Hey, hey, shh they're taking care of of her. I'm here now." He cooed and sat down with me on his lap and rocking me back and forth whispering things to keep me calm. It's not working I can feel all her pain.

"Will, I can feel it all" I looked up at him. He furrowed his eyebrows together and then realised what I was talking about and asked "how bad is it?" "Really painful it feels like I'm being stabbed a million times over and over. She's in so much pain. She's sad and hurt but most of all angry at...." "Angry at who?" "Nash and his girlfriend." I whispered to him.

"Why his girlfriend?" He asked "Nash doesn't know but Malia his girlfriend has been bullying Ky for 3 years and there's some more things about her but it's not my spot to tell it's hers. I'll tell her to tell you." I just burst into tears even thinking of that. Will was just rocking me back and forth and rubbing my back. Then the doctor came out.

"Kylie Grier?" The doctor called. Will stood up with my on his hip and my head in the crook of his neck, making my sobs muffled.
"So how is she?" Will asked "she has 2 cracked ribs, super skinny and a mild concussion as the paramedics told this young boy you're holding. Other than that she's fine." Now my turn to ask a question.
"Why was blood coming out of her mouth?" "That is a very good question. It was because with her ribs cracked we think that put pressure on her left lung which caused the lung to apply pressure to the heart and with that she couldn't breath so she was spewing up blood." He explained. I just nodded my head in reply.

"Will, do you still have Cam's number?" I asked. He nodded. "Can you call him and give an update on Ky. I called him before she started throwing up the blood and asked if he could suss out why Nash is so pissed off at her. He said he's on the plane and is almost here. What is the time anyway?" "Yeah I'll call him, and it's..... 12am" "okay Cam should be at the airport by now."

"Doctor what room is she in?" "Um, floor 2, room 314." "Thanks" he just nodded and walked off. "Let's go Will I wanna sit with my twin. I miss her." "Okay let's go."

Chapter done I'm doing the next few chapters in Nash's, Malia's, Will's, Their parents and Cam's P.O.V before and after the incident if that makes sense.

Please tell me if I need to improve anything I'm still new at this. Thanks

~ Trinity xo

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