Chapter 6

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Hey!!!!!it's yet again an update!!!! Guys please tell me any ideas that u have!!! I'll take them!!! Just, I'm kinda running out of ideas!!! This one may show the otakuness of Miku and Len, similar to me and my boyfriend!! Hope u guys enjoy!!!


Miku's POV

"Len!!! Lets go!!!! I can't be late to buy the latest edition of the Legend of Zelda!!!" I screamed as he ran down the stairs of his house and smothered me in a hug.

"Sorry sweetie!! Last minute touchups." He said as I noticed that he left his hair down and sweeped his bangs to one side.

"Cute!!! Now let's go!!!" I screamed as I grabbed the younger's wrist and ran out the front door with him.


"Yes!!!! We got it!!! We got it!!!!" I shouted for joy as we walked into the Hot Topic in the mall.

"Yeah yeah Mi! Now calm down a little and find what you're looking for in here. Cuz I wanna go to Fye and see if they have any new DVDs and then get smoothies and pretzels!" Len stated as I ran to the final pop section and started to look for the Zootopia funkos.


"Mhhhh!!! These are so good!!!" I stated as I took a huge bite out of my pretzel that Len bought for me.

"Yeah...I'm just shocked that you found all four funkos in the Zootopia collection, One Piece collection, and Alice Through toe Looking Glass collection. I still can't believe you HDD enough hit cash for those and then you bought shirts, jewelry, stockings, hair pieces, and dresses on top of that. How do you save so much???" Len asked as I laughed and sipped out of our smoothie that we shared. Blueberry and banana! My favorite!!!

"I never spend my hot cash until I really want something, that's how I had so much! I also got you this!! I know how much you like Naruto, so I bought you a funko as well!!" I stated as I took out a funko of Naruto and handed it to Len. His eyes lit up and he smiled.

"Thank you so much MiMi!!!! You know me so well!!!" He stated as he got up and gave me a hug.

What a great date night this day has been!!!


Sorry this is short again!!! I couldn't think of anything!!! Please send requests and ideas!!! I will tag u guys!! I'm just kinda out of ideas!!! Hope u liked!!! ✌✌

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