The Surgeon and UNDER Mash Up - Part III

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The Surgeon and UNDER Mash Up - Part III

Check out the third installment of The Surgeon and UNDER mash up! Excited to hear what you think! All votes and comments are greatly appreciated! <3 

Chapter Three

I recognise this girl.

I've never met or seen her before, yet I recognise something in her; and my cheery introduction and offer of help were borne of an instinctive desire to protect myself.

Life with the surgeon has given me innate radar, an eye for seeing psychosis or imbalance in an individual within moments of meeting them. And right now, I know I'm looking into the eyes of a killer.

My opening gambit works, her body relaxes, her face softens, she smiles and says, "So you're Tanya, the girl formerly known as Thomas?"

"That's me."

Her eyes traverse my body, checking me out with a barely concealed lust that makes me flinch, then freeze. Eventually she settles on my face and gives me a lascivious leer, "I'm impressed. She did a good job on you. You're a great piece of marketing for the surgeon's skills; you beat all the brochures, for sure." She moves in closer and drops her voice an octave, giving it an intimate edge, "In fact, in you Tanya, I'd say the surgeon's created a keeper."

The excited screams and thundering rumble of a passing roller coaster drown out her words, and when it passes I grab the opportunity to take control. I step back and say the first thing that comes into my head, "Are you here for a consultation?"

Of course, I have no idea why she's here, but I guess the question's ambiguous enough to pass.

She straightens up: inhales, exhales and puffs out her chest, a series of small bodily gestures that lend her a large male presence. In an instant I know exactly why she's here.

She moves in close, puts her arm around my shoulder and begins guiding me toward the northwest corner of the park, the entrance to under, where the labyrinthine labs and operating theatres are located.

Her hand caresses my shoulder, "A consultation to fix Cadence by creating Caden," she says. I feel a romantic intention inherent in her touch; it makes me shudder.

Her grip on me is strong and as we walk she periodically pulls me into her, a physical act that screams, 'I'm owning you.'

Every step closer to under unnerves me and I feel my body shiver. Cadence is the opposite: buzzing and buoyant, "I'm going for the full fix Tanya: top and bottom surgery."

In her arms I feel trapped, helpless: like a girl in an abusive relationship, I want to run, but can't.

Cadence continues to talk, her excitement and exuberance matching and merging with the theme park revellers that surround us, "You and I were destined to meet Tanya. We've so much in common. Not just our gender identity, we've both lost our mothers and that gives us a bind that's unbreakable."

My panic rises as the sinister odor of antiseptic begins to override the sweet smell of doughnuts – she's going to pull me under with her if I don't act fast!

I realize that seeding 'doubt' is the only way out.

At the entrance to the bathroom, I gently resist the power in her pull, and plant it, "Cadence, I like you just the way you are. Are you sure about transitioning?"

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