The Basement

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A girl was babysitting a child named Holly. One day, Holly asked, "can I have some ice cream? It's downstairs in the freezer"

"Sure", the girl replied. She made her way down the basement and grabbed some ice cream. She saw a girl through the window, but thought nothing of it.

"Wait, can I also have some hot fudge please?", asked Holly once she got her ice cream. So again, the girl went downstairs and got hot fudge. When she saw the girl out the basement window this time, she had a red cape on. Must be playing dress up.

The girl brought Holly her hot fudge, but unsatisfied she sent the girl downstairs once more for sprinkles. This time, she saw the little girl out the window-holding a knife. Trembling, the babysitter ran upstairs and gave Holly the sprinkles.

She planned to lock the doors and call the police, but Holly said, "Ooh! Can I have a cherry on top too?", before she could. Not wanting to let her down, the babysitter ran downstairs quickly and shaky, grabbing the cherries.

And then she saw it.

The same girl in the red cape holding the knife. This time, a bloody one. The babysitter was so terrified, she fumbled getting back up the stairs. But when she did, she returned to an awful sight: Holly, on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood, dead.

Two hours later, when the police had came and the babysitter faced Holly's parents, they were sobbing and pleading to know what happened.

The babysitter explained everything, about the girl through the basement window. And her parents responded with, "there are no windows in the basement. Only mirrors..."

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