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"Honey can you stay home and watch the kids today?" Mei asked

I tighten my tie around my neck and groaned

"You know I can't miss a day of work, plus I got a big meeting today"

I felt her arms wrap around my waist and hug me from behind. A sigh escaped her lips and I half smiled

"I'm sorry baby.. You have to stay home again for the morning" I said as I turned to face her

"Maybe my mom will watch Jiwon" she said "I'll be right back"

I nodded and continued to get ready. My life now consist of working and coming back to my family. I have 2 kids, a daughter named joy age 5 and a son named Jiwon age 1. I got married 5 years ago and the last few years have been the happiest time of my life. I work as the president of a big music company called VICE but my wife doesn't know that. We help people who want to be famous and pursue a music career. We send them through training and then we test what they got and see if they can make it in the long run.

"Honey don't forget to pick up Joy at 3" she said

"Alright babe, I'll see you later" I kissed her cheek and ran out the door "I love you"


"why can't you just tell your wife you work for a record label?!" My friend jay shouts "what if she finds out?!"

I slammed my locker shut and put my shirt on

"First off she will be pissed that I don't have an 'actual job' second she won't find out, she's so clueless"

We walk out of the room and head into the recording studio. On a daily we make beats for songs we have yet to release and save them for later or for some songs we both wrote and go from there

"How about we add this here" jay said

I started bobbing my head to the beat and found myself slightly singing one of the songs I wrote a while back

"I'm sorry no I'm not sorry" I sung

"Woah that song will be a hit with this beat" jay said

I turned to face him and opened my mouth but the door busted open

"Dean I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner"

I turn to see Braden standing in the door way breathing hard. Braden was my old buddy from high school. We always dreams of owning our own record label and look at us now. I shake my head at him and turn my attention back to jay

"Anyway will this beat do?" I asked

"Yeah it should especially with that song of yours" Jay said

I shook my head and slightly laughed. Just then I hear my phone go off and i reach for it in my back pocket.

Mei 💕: did you get joy?

I look at the clock and my eyes pop out of my head. I quickly get out of my seat and rushed back into the locker room.

"Dude what's the rush?"

I slip on my joggers and put on my white t shirt. I looked to see Braden leaning against one of the lockers

"I have to go pick up my daughter. Sorry man" I said

He groaned "Do you have to stay home when you get her?"

"Most likely" I sighed

"You know... I have a younger sister. She's looking for a job" he said randomly

"So what are you trying to say" I said as I grabbed my bag

"She can baby sit your kids" he said "she likes that kind of stuff, plus she's excellent with kids"

I paused and thought about it. It would save me a lot of time and I could work longer and finally get things done

"I would have to meet her first" I said "how about tomorrow at 2, bring her here"

He nodded and I patted him on his shoulder

"Thanks man, now get back to work"


"Daddy when will mommy get home?" Joy asked while playing with her dolls

"She should be here soon honey" I said while playing with Jiwon

Just then my phone went off and I grabbed it and answered

"Hello?" I said

"Dean I'm gonna be working over time okay" Mei said "put the kids to bed and I'll be home soon"

"Oh okay. See you when you get here" I said and hung up the phone

I stood up with Jiwon in my arms and headed down the hall to his room. I change his diaper and laid him down in his crib. I watched as he tried to fight to stay awake but sleepiness took over and he was out like a light. I quietly walked out the room and saw joys bedroom was opened

"Joy honey time for bed" I said as I walked up to her door

I found her knocked out on her bed and I smiled to myself. I tucked her in and smiled, I walked back to the door and looked at her sound asleep

"I love you" I whispered turning off the lights and closing the door


Time passed before I heard the door start to open. I look to my left to see Mei walk in with 2 bags and messy hair.

"Hey honey sorry I'm late. It took longer than usual" she said dropping her things

"It's fine, how was work?" I asked

"Hectic... They worked my ass off" she sighed

She plopped down next to me on the couch and cuddled close to me. I wrapped my arm around her to bring her closer, we stayed like that for what seemed like forever.

"The kids are sleep right?" She asked

I nodded and she moved closer. A playful smirk found its way to her lips and she got up and straddled me started kissing my neck. I placed my hands on her hips gripping them. Things got heated fast and I found myself on top of her in no time

"D-dean" she moaned

I kissed her neck and started sucking on her skin looking for her sweet spot but something seemed off and I pulled away. She looked at me with confusion

"You smell different" I said

"Oh heh yeah I got a new perfume" she said

"Oh okay.. Well I'm gonna go to bed"

I got up and started to walk towards our room. I had a billion thoughts racing through my mind but only one made me wonder even more

'She smelled like men's cologne'


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