Chapter 30

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(Damien Pov)

Me And The Boys Were Chilling... Me, Laylow And Check... We Werent Just Chilling Doing Nothing We Were Up In Here Counting This Money...

"All My Collects Up Front" Check Said As He Pushed All He 15K Towards The Middle Of The Table.

"I Got All My 15K But Im Only Placing A Dime On The Table..." Laylow Said.

"And What You Gone Tell The Boss?" Check Asked.

"Same Thing We've Been Telling The Boss..." I Interrupted.

"We'll Come Up With The Rest... And That Our Pick Up Was Short" Laylow Said.

"Wanna Get In On The Action?" I Asked Check.

He's New To The Crew And New To How We Work... He Just Dont Know He The Only Who Been Turning In The Full Roll... Not Me And Laylow We Been Getting Our Side Cuts... You Dont Think We Ride A Lambos Or Cop Bugatis Off The Little Change The Boss Slides To Us... Nope...

Matter A Fact Who Is The Boss... Honestly We Never Seen The Human He Always Had Us Encounter A Talk To Me I'll Pass The Message Man...

"Nawl Im Good..." Check Said.

I Swear He Such A Goody To Shoes... But He A Real Nigga Doe And That's Why I Agreed With Him Rolling With Me...

"I Hope You Dont Plan On Snitching" Laylow Said.

"Snitch Aint In My Name" He Simply Said.

"Tayy" I Called As I Continued To Count The Money.

"What?" She Said Walking Into The Kitchen.

"Hey Tay" Check Said.

"Wassup Twin" Tay Said. How Tay Know He Was A Twin I Dont Know. But She Say She Seen Somebody Who Look Just Like Check... But We Never Told Her That He Actually Had A Twin.

"Laylow On The Downlow" Was What Tay Always Said When She Said Wassup To Laylow.

"Tay Wears Toupee" He Said To Her.

"Funny Guy..." She Said.

"Here..." I Said As I Placed A Few Bundles For Her To Pick Up.

"No Thank You Damien" She Said.

"What You Mean?" I Asked Her.

"Damien I Dont Want None Of That Dirty Money... You Know That" She Said.

"You Aint Never Had A Problem With It Before" I Said To Her.

"Actually I Did..." She Said. "You Just Werent Listening" She Told Me.

"And What Was Said..." I Asked Her.

"I Told You I Didnt Want To Take Your Money... You Can Do All The Household Things With It... Like Bills And All The Other Stuff But I Didnt Want Me Or My Kids Wearing That Money" She Said.

"Then What Happen To All The Money I Be Giving You?" I Asked Her.

"College Fund For Ty And King... It Makes Better Use There And In The Future They'll Choose To Use It If They Want To" She Said.

"Mhmmm You Prolly Waisting My Money... So Ima Need You To Stop Waisting Money Ight..." I Said To Her. I Didnt Believe All That She Was Saying...

"Waisting Money?" She Asked. "Damien I Dont Waist No Money" She Added.

"So All That Shit You Be Buying..." I Asked Her. "How You Pay For It?" I Asked Her.

"Damien You Do Remember I Have My Own Money Right?" She Said. "Dont Forget I Work Too... And I Work Legally" She Added.

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