That Cold Night

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This is another story I would like to share to you readers. To be clear, I do not own the anime Fairytail nor its characters. Please enjoy reading, vote and comment your opinions on this story. This chapter also contains smut so watch out.

The door was pushed opened and there walked in both Lucy and her fiancé. "Talk about a lame party" Sting scoffed while taking off his jacket and throwing it on the floor. "Don't you agree babe?" he asked "Oh, yeah.." Lucy mumbled.

She to walk up the stairs with Sting eyeing her in disgust. Sting rolled his eyes before he walked to the couch. "Make sure to get your ass down here once you've done change" he said but just heard the clicking of her heels going up the stairs.

"I'm starve" Sting mumbled, taking the remote and turning on their flat screen tv while cocking his foot up on the other couch handle.

Lucy entered their bedroom and walked straight to her dresser. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, sighing at her face. She started taking off her loop earrings. To say that she was upset was an understatement, she couldn't even congratulate her best friend on her wedding night, he just had to take her away and bring her back home in this cell.

Well that's what she liked to call here, the cell where she was held captive. She picked up her tissue box and took out a tissue, wiping off the make up smeared on her face.

"I'm beat.." the blonde mumbled to herself. She examined her face and sighed at the dark bruise surrounding her left eye. "I thought that healed already.." she whispered, touching the wound. She flinched from the slight pain she felt. "Ouch.."

"Lucy I'm hungry!" was the irritating voice of Sting's.

"Just a second!" Lucy said, hurrying her actions. Sting was never a patient one. She quickly stripped out of her navy blue dress and black heels. She grabbed one of Sting's shirt and threw it over her slim body. She picked up her previous wear and tossed it in the basket filled with dirty laundry.

She walked back to the dresser, took off the bangles from around her wrists and the rings from her fingers.

"LUCY!" she flinched when her name was called. She quickly stored all her belongings before running out the bedroom and to downstairs. "I'm going to cook" she said while running into the kitchen with Sting eyeing her.

She opened all the cubboards and drawers, looking for ingredients to start their meal during the lateness of the hour. "Where is it.." she mumbled then a smile came to her face once she found what she was looking for.

Sting wouldn't have a problem with this, she knew. What she was about to cook she was positive that Sting would like it since she made it for him before.

"Cognac shrimp it is."


"Hm, what's taking this girl so long" Sting muttered while sitting up on the couch. He turned off the tv and walked in the direction of the kitchen.

"Hey Erza" he stopped once he heard her talking. He walked in the kitchen to see Lucy with her back facing him. "Once again I'm sorry Erza. You and Jellal have a blessed honeymoon. Yeah, oh okay, good for you and goodnight bye" she softly chuckled before ending the call.

"Who was it?"

Lucy gasped before turning around "Oh, you scared me" she held her chest. Sting just stood there, watching her. "Oh, that was Erza she called to find out why we left but as you said, it was late"

Lucy put the phone back on the counter then added "And food's done" she pulled out a plate and started filling it with shrimp.

"Who said I liked shrimp?" Sting questioned. "But I cooked this exact thing the night before for you and you ate it" Lucy said, continuing to pour out the food.

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