❧ Schemes and Betrayals ❧

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Keep in mind anything after chapter 24 or so is a rough draft, very rough. So excuse the excessive use of periods, incomplete sentences, abuse of the comma and melodrama, I will get here, it's a slow steady march.

It's better to have too much then too little, ha. The chapter before this one lol, oh well, once it's fixed it'll be a rush.


She tried. She bit she chewed, scratched and pulled. A few good elbow jabs at Unnamed's head for good measure. This was tiring focusing her spirit to solidify enough to hit him.

The bond had almost broken. A little more.

Unnamed stopped. The look on his face was cold as the marble slabs. He grabbed both her wrists. She twisted trying to break free. He chanted low and even, the voices back again were deep and resonating. What little will she had scrounged up left her as they both fazed in and out almost disappearing from view.

He let go and pushed hard on her shoulders, before she knew it she stumbled out. The wind picked up and she clawed at the growned trying to keep from floating away.

"I have enough of your energy now. Now be a good vessel and do what you were born for."

His spirit then warped and sputtered. He went faster over to the rune.

She ran behind him trying to grab him, but missed. He stepped on it, turned towards Maxwell.

"Get up." He held out his arm in his direction. Several burst of gray light slammed into where he lay.

"Thank you." The wounds on him closed up, and he pushed off the ground with his hands.

Unnamed nodded, then pointed at her. "Kill them."

The vines from what was left of the dome had come slithering up the hill and wrapped around Unnamed. They smoothed over until a humanoid body started to take shape. His features deepened and clarified. The vines melted into each other and lightened, to a faint light green. His skin smoothed out further. Brown hair tinted with green grew. He squeezed his fists.

"Yes this will do." He looked up at her. "You never should have tied to push me out. Now your spiritual energy is mine."

That can't be right, he's lying.

"You lie! You can't just take that!" Her knees bucked and she fell down. They were rubbery just like if she'd walked too many miles.

He smiled a small soft smile, it was not sweet.

"You forget I was the god of nature once. From the trees to this words creatures to the Elves, and more. All was mine to protect, nurture and destroy."

He motioned at Maxwell. "Put it on her."

Maxwell strode over, she started to move away but the wind pushed her back.

He came over with a simple black headband, huh?

He placed it above her head, were it merged and too became airy.

"What is this?"

"You'll find out, you don't get to quit that easily."

Maxwell bent down picked up a stick and squashed it like as if it was clay. He pulled it, stretching it long then folding it back over.

He took this lump and brushed it with his fingers. The lunp enlarged growing longer and lighter. He stood it up and breathed on it, the lump slowly took the shape of a body.

A minute later it had blue hair and her face, another minute fully dressed in leather armor.

Her jaw hung open and it was another moment before she stopped gawking.

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