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it was just a normal, casual day. you were laying on the couch cuddling with your boyfriend kuroo. your eyes were fixated on the screen, while kuroo attempted to get your attention. ignoring him, you continued to watch your show.

"(y/n), why are you paying more attention to the TV than me?" kuroo said, faking sad eyes.

you still continued to ignore him, focusing and listening more intently to your show just to tease him. kuroo sighed, but then a mischievous smile crawled onto his face. he had a brilliant idea to get your attention.

"hey (y/n), look at me for a second."

"why?" you asked lazily.

"please (y/n)?"

you groaned and turned your body away from the TV screen towards kuroo. with a cheeky smile he said proudly,

"(y/n), i need a map because i'm lost in your beautiful eyes."

you just rolled your eyes at kuroo's lame attempt at a pickup line and continued to watch your show. but what you didn't know, the sly cat had a couple more up his sleeve.

"are you wearing space leggings? cause that ass is outta this world."

"people could rate you a nine, but i'd be that one for you."

"do you eat mangos a lot? cause your just filled with sweetness."

and so on. this kept going for about five minutes straight and you wondered how or where he got all these cheesy lines. after about the sixtieth line, your show was over and you turned off the TV.

"okay kuroo, what do you want? you've been saying all these stupid pickup lines throughout my show so what is it?"

kuroo's smile only got wider.

"you know, maybe if i say my last line, you would know."

"well, get on with it!"

"is that a mirror in your pocket? cause i can see myself in your pants."

all he received was a slap and you leaving the couch, with a disappointed kuroo.

i know it's short, but i will definitely try to make the others longer!!!

with love, mils xx

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