18 Things To Do Before You're 18 [[Chapter One]]

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I have never been wild or reckless.

Always safe and cautious. I made sure to do everything right. Nothing about me was great or outstanding.

I was very simple. With my plain brown hair and boring brown eyes.

Overall an average appearance.

Even my name was boring. Rachel Smith.And I had been this way up until now a month ago.

It just kind of happened.

One morning I woke up and realized something. My life was boring.

It was my senior year and I had yet to do anything exciting. I had spent most of the year studying and working hard to get into a good college.

Now I was secure for college and my grades were good but I still hadn't made an attempt to do anything fun.

And I didn't want to look back on my senior year as a waste. I wanted to make it memorable.

So I spent weeks trying to figure out what to do to help spice up my life.

And then I found it in the form of a self help book called Things to Do.

And so that was when the list started.

The book was all about relaxing and letting go. Learning to do things you had never done before and to become more compulsive. And at the end of the book it said to make a list.

So I did.

18 Things To Do Before I am 18

#1-Ride a rollercoaster (I have always been deathly afraid of rollercoaster and I have never ridden one)

#2-Be in three places at once (kind of cliché, but hey I stepped it up one)

#3-Go skydiving (I don't know what can be more compulsive than that)

#4-Invent a new word (why not do it)

#5-Dye my hair blonde (blondes do have more fun)

#6-Go skinny dipping (being a little over the top here)

#7-Get a tattoo (something to remember)

#8- Learn to ride a motorcycle (now is that reckless or what)

#9- Dance in the rain (I live in Arizona where it rarely rains so this is actually a big thing)

#10-Show school spirit by becoming a cheerleader(I don't know why but I just feel like I should)

#11-Save a life (why not be ambitious)

#12-Perform in front of an audience (I have horrible stage fright)

#13- Go to a rave (craziness)

#14- Find a slice of heaven on earth(personal reason)

#15-Sneak out of my house (I have always wanted to be daring like that)

#16-Learn the meaning of life (very deep)

#17-Learn to fly (everyone has to do this)

#18- Kiss Evan Wood ( I just have to)

I now have until June 3rd to complete the list.

Because not only was this the day that I graduated but it was also the day that I turned 18.

And I start tomorrow.

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