Chapter 1

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"Cain, take it easy." I whispered as Cain made his way into the packhouse.

He gave me a strained smile, "Mae, I'm fine."

I frowned at him, "I'm a doctor Cain, I know when someone is lying about their health. Sit in the family room and rest."

"Can I please just sit in my office?" He pleaded. "I have a lot of work I need ti get done."

I pursed my lips, I just can't win with this guy. One second, he's being easy and agreeing with me, the next he's being beyond stubborn. I don't know who's more stubborn, him or Alaricas.

I sighed in defeat and followed closely behind him. I moved around him and opened his office door, coming face to face with another man.

He had similar features to Cain, but his eyes weren't a hazel color like Cain's. He had a blank look plastered on his face as he studied me, he then shifted his gaze to my stunned mate.

"Cain." He greeted.

Cain swallowed, "Sir."

I gave Cain a confused look, he mouthed the word quiet before crutching himself into the office. I watched the mysterious man as I closed the door.

Cain sighed as he sat in his chair, his face immediately paled for a few seconds before returning to normal. I out his crutches against the book shelf and went to help him, but he held up his hand.

His eyes landed on the man, I was surprised by the cold look. I have never seen Cain give anyone that sort of look, even when I had rejected him years ago.

"Care to explain the meaning of this?" The man questioned, motioning towards his crutches.

Cain cleared his throat, "I broke my femur badly, they had to do surgery."

The man grunted in reply, he looked at me and frowned.

"Who is this woman?" He demanded.

I gritted my teeth, "The name is Mae, sir."

"Watch your tone, girl." He spat.

I folded my arms across my chest, "With all do respect, sir, but you're not my alpha. Therefor, I won't watch my tone with you. You, yourself, had quite a nasty tone when you asked who I was. I simply replied with the same."

"Mae." Cain whispered in a warning voice.

The man glared at me, "Well, Mae, I am this idiot's father. Therefor, I was once the alpha of this pack. Which I'm assuming you're now a part of?"


"Well, in that case, you better respect me."

I raised an eyebrow, "Did you not hear yourself? You said you used to be the alphs of this pack. Key word, used to be. Cain is now the alpha."

The man suddenly grabbed me by the jaw, "I will not be disrespected by one of my son's whores."

"Dad, stop! She's my mate, not a whore, asshole!" Cain growled.

His father dropped me and turned towards Cain with a look that could kill. I rubbed my aching jaw and watched as Cain bowed his head.

"What did you just call me, boy?" His father snarled.

Cain gulped, "N-nothing, sir."

"Thought so. Well, your mate is quite the spitfire. She will do well as the Luna, but I expect her to show me some respect. I don't have a problem teaching her the same lesson that I taught you."

With those final words, his father turned on his heel and stormed out of the office. Once the door was closed, Cain relaxed and pulled himself up. He limped over to me and gently stroked my jaw.

"Are you okay?" He whispered.

I nodded, "Yeah...Cain...what the hell was that? What is his issue?"

He withdrew his hand and sighed, "Nothing. Just don't piss him off, I don't want him hurting you."

"Did he abuse you?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No, he would hit me. Only when I did something wrong, but he just ignore me most of the time."

He had a sad smile on his face before making his way to his chair. He sat down and started to play with a pen. I walked over and leaned against his desk.

"I want to know about your childhood." I stated.

He snapped his head up, "Why?"

"Well, we barely know each other and we're mates. All we know is each other's favorite things and birthdays. But we don't know each other's history."

"Okay, I'm going to warn you though, my past isn't pretty."

A/N: So, we got a glimpse of Cain's past  here and will get more in the next chapter.

As you can tell, Mae is the type who doesn't beat around the bush. She gets straight to the point.

And for those of you who didn't read Alaricas....

Mae and Cain met many years ago, but Mae sort of rejected him because she's afraid of alphas. They met again when Cain helped Jolene bring Alaricas to the hospital.

They talked it out and Mae agreed to give him a chance. Throughout the story, Mae and Cain helped Jolene and Alaricas. Cain fought in the skin-walker war and took a bullet for Jolene. A walker tore through his leg and he broke it when shifting back.

Jolene is like a niece or daughter to Cain.

I suggest reading Alaricas, you'll get a good taste of Cain's personality and how he is as a person. :) plus, there's many funny moments with him in there.

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