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Soooooo... hi my little snowflakes! I'm Coyote and I'm so happy to be part of ProjectPositive.
Well, I'm not an interesting person so here's some random facts about me :3 (really random)
1. My real names starts with "Z"
2. I'm listening to music alllllll theeeee timeeeee
3. I watch lotssss of series
4. I wanna be a criminologist in the future xD
5. I love making people happy
6. I like strawberries
7. I love pizza (:
8. I used to spend a lot of time in the forest near my house
9. I'm short -.-
10. I can be really awkward sometimes xD
11. I play the piano and I used to play the guitar
12. I hate falling asleep in the evening, but I love staying in bed in the morning
13. I speak russian and german
14. I'm an only child :(
15. I like weird/funny conversations
16. Every time I hear/see "we're going on a trip" I wanna shout "in our favourite rocket ship"
17. I'm really cold now because window is opened -.-
18. I love pranks and I prank my friends a lot
19. I hate dancing :/
20. I usually have to buy new headphones every three months because they're always crashed -.-

Hope you had a great day ❤️

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