The next day, Camron, Maryse, Seth and I arrived at the airport. How the jet could land was a mystery to me, because of all of the trees. When we arrived at the airport, I knew it would be raining, because, well, it was Forks. Okay, so . . . here's what we already know, but I gotta say it anyways. My name is Zoie Niccolette and I'm almost seventeen. Just found out that I'm pregnant with triplets, and I also have just found my real parents. Oh, and let's not forget that I found out vampires and werewolves existed, and that I'm imprinted to a werewolf. Hold on, and the last thing is that I'm supposed to rule vamps and wolves and kill some chick. Lovely, huh? Well, anyways, let's get on with my story. 

   Seth and I (Seth is my really sexy werewolf boyfriend) were on a plane back to Forks, Washington. Actually, no. It wasn't a plane, it was a private jet. I don't know what time it was, but it was really dark outside. Seth and my parents were already asleep in their seats. So I was alone to my thoughts. 

   Our week in Spain had been okay, I guess. I got dolled up, like, twenty four seven; 'cause I was a queen you know. And I got to ride around on horseback and greet the people of Spain. Oh man, was it funny. But you know what? Even though I had fun, I think the only reason Seth had fun was because he was with me and because I had fun. 

   You know what? I think that I might have even learned a few Spanish words and phrases, too. Like, take this you cock sucking bitch was-- 

   "Zoie? What are you doing? Why are you still awake?" I looked to the seat next to mine and saw Seth looking at me with tired eyes. The moonlight made it so that I could see some of his beautiful face. His sexy brown skin, his brown eyes, his black hair that needed to be cut again, and his slightly unshaven beard was perfect for my view. 

   I smiled at my werewolf. "I can't sleep." 

   Taking my hand and kissing it softly, Seth said, "Try." I shrugged. "How about I do something to help you?" 

   "Like what?" 

   "I'll tell you a bedtime story. Now close your eyes and relax." 

   I did as he said, and shifted my position so that I could lay my head on Seth's shoulder. My eyes closed and I tried to picture the pictures in my head as Seth told me the story. 

   He told it to me mentally so that he wouldn't wake Camron and Maryse (my parents). Because, you know, we can talk to each other mentally. All mates can. 

    Once upon a time, There was a man named Seth. He was a regular with very sexy features, just another amazing part of his tribe. And then one day, he went to a ball and met a girl. Her name was Zoie and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He loved her from the start, but it was more than just love. Zoie made him crazy, made him happy, made him have a reason for living again. And then one day . . . 

   I fell asleep to Seth's words. 

   Seth held my hand as we got off the jet and walked straight into a crowd of clapping vampires and werewolves. Okay, can you say weird? 

   They all just stared and clapped. Kay, so when I was in Spain people did the same thing, but, um, I wasn't used to it that much. I looked up at Seth, my eyes pleading. He put his arm around me and me closer to his side. But, it wasn't the fact that they were all around me, it was that I was the only human here. (Besides my parents). 

   This was crazy! It had only been a flippin' week, for crying out loud! How in the hell could they all be here already? I mean after one week! 

   "Zoie! Zoie! Zoie Niccolette!" Someone yelled my name from the front of the crowd. I looked all around until I found Alice Cullen, and Erin Richardson. What were they doing here? 

   Seth and I walked down the stairs and to Alice and Erin. Alice was wearing a tiny little yellow dress and her hair looked perfect as always. So did she, 'cause she was a vampire, duh! And Erin Looked hot. I mean, she didn't look like her normal self. She was wearing a shimmery pink dress, and her hair was up in a spectacular bun. Um, was it just me, but why were they all dressed up? 

   "Nilla, Alice, What are you guys doing here?" 

   Alice smiled, and jumped up and down while Erin clapped. Since when did they start hanging out? Bending down, Seth whispered, "Smile, Z." In my ear. 

   "You guys came at a great time," said Alice.   

   "For real, Mocha. We're going to a bonfire tonight. You know, with the wolves. Isn't it exciting, Mo?" 

   Huh? Erin was going to a party with the Cullen's and the pack? Well, then . . . If all of this was going on, imagine what else had happened while I was gone. Sure I was happy and all, but . . . 

   "Wait, what?" 

   "We're going to a party, Zoie." Alice said. "Now come on, we have to get you all beautified up." 

   Seth chuckled and said, "She's always beautiful." Haha! I loved Seth so much. 

   Ugh, I was too tired for a party. But hey, I'm sure there would be food, and I was starving, so . . .  Bring on the party, yo! Yo . . . haha. 

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