chapter 8

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why do they call it pickle? hes in a pickle? wouldn't it be more like hes in a jam? pickle jam. Jacobs stuck in a pickle jam jar.

i snicker, my obsessive inner monologues are the best sometimes. Jacob sighs and walks over to the bed looking at the dream catcher above my head. he turns back to Bella.

"have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone, one that wasn't yours to share?" jacob asks talking to both me and Bella.

"yep." i say. he looks at me. "all in due time jacob, you'll find out. i predict it will be tomorrow." i say, he looks at me weirdly before looking back at Bella.

"well, that's what it's like for me." he says after Bella lowers her eyes speaking for themselves. "but worse. you have no idea how tight i'm bound."

"i hate this." Bella says walking closer to jacob.

"me two. a freak feast with kissing, fun!" i say sarcastically. jacob glares. i sit up realizing something. "i have to go wash off a leach bite, ill be back. no making out." i tell them and walk off to the bathroom. but even then i can hear them.

"i hate what they've done to you."

i take a tissue and dip it under the stream of water.

"i mean the killer part is, you already know." jacob says suddenly after a moment of silence. i almost thought they were mourning the dead. "Bella, do you remember when we walked on the beach at la push? the.."

"the story. the story about the cold ones." Bella finishes. dammit Bella. you might make him mad.

"i guess i understand why that's the only part you remember." Jake whispers. i finally get all the dried blood off me. there wasn't even a scar. i walk back to the room.

"there's gotta be something that you can do." Bella says as i enter the room.

"no, hes in it for life." i say already knowing the tales of shifters. they look at me. i squint. i should not have said that. "im just on a limb here." i say and sit back on the bed.

"well, maybe we should just get out of here for a while." Bella offers.

"you cant run from your problems Bella." i say. "or jump from them, wonder why no one thought of that." jumping from your problems, sounds exciting.

"just leave." Bella finishes ignoring me. as always. "just you and me."

"you'd do that?"

"i would do it for you." Bella says.

"Nina's right as always. but its not something you can run from, Bella. but i would run away with you." wow. i feel like im watching a soap opera. They should turn Bella's life into a movie and book series.

"if i could. i gotta go. they'll start wondering where i am. come here." they hug.

"please, try to remember." jacob whispers.

"yes, forget the lonely insanely smart person, whose also very pretty." i say. jacob rolls his eyes but hugs me. his warm body warming me up from the cold of the window.

"hey Jake, do you even want me to know what's going on?" i ask biting my lip.

"id love for you to know Nina, but i dont think there's a way around you knowing, plus i dont want you to get hurt. the only way for you to find out is if Bella told you or.. it would make the guys feel much better if you did know." he whispers squeezing my hand.

"it'd be so much easier if you knew." he says to both me and Bella.

"ill try, but Jake..." Bella says. "Jake what are you doing? wait Jake." she says as he goes to jump out the window.

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