chapter 7

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"Nina!?" a voice wakes me up. i shoot up, im sitting on the cold tilled floor.

"what the hell?" the last thing i remember is going to bed after the movie.

"Nina, this is really important!" Bella calls out reminding me of her. i race down the stairs and pull her inside.

"finally!" she says. "i haven't been able to reach you since the movie night, which ironically is what im here about."

Bella looks worse than i last saw her, she has bags and her eyes are tired.

"ever since that night, after you and jacob got that weird sickness, i haven't been able to grab a hold of you or jacob, at least i know your not avoiding me, what happened?"

"last thing i remember is going to bed after the movie night, next thing i know your knocking on the door and im asleep on the cold hard bathroom floor. what's with jacob?" i ask concerned about him.

"i cant get him on the phone, billy says hes got mono. but yesterday i went to confront him and he was shirtless, had a tattoo on his right arm and cut his hair. just like how jacob described what happened to Paul, Jared and embry." she says. i sit up strait on the chair i was sitting on.

"tell me the symptoms." i say, my mind thinking so fast.

could it be, no there's no sightings of giant panthers.

"he was hot and very angry for no reason, he said he wasn't good for me." she cries and i pull her close.

"how about we get our mind off this Bella?" i say. she nods. i wonder whats happening. jacob, that's not the coby i know.

"i know just the place. it a clearing in the forest." she says. i dont worry about the big ass bears, they wont get passed me.

"alright lets go." i say. we climb into her car and set off to her house, the path was next to her house. we park and get out. we walk off the path trail, to the clearing. 

"things are bad again. without Jake, i just..." Bella says as we walk. "i cant stand it."

"im going to kick his furry ass." i say.

"i dont see Edward anymore. will it really feel like he never existed? i will find the place where i can see him again."we get there.

"wow, Bella this is beautiful, how did you find this." she looks away with tears in her eyes, so i suspect it was Edward. "and you were thinking out loud again."

"embarrassing." she chuckles. the clearing is big, but the grass is dead. i believe it looked prettier in spring with the non dead grass and flowers. she kneels down realizing Edward wasn't here. i look at her, making sure nothing happens when she stands up and freezes. her gaze across the clearing. i follow her gaze to a familiar dark skinned, dead locked, human eating vampire.

"Bella." he says from his spot.

"Laurent" Bella says. he moves closer, a few feet.

"i didn't expect to find you here." his gaze shifts to me. "you. your the girl that somehow knew everything while asleep." his gaze goes back to Bella. "i went to visit the Cullen's, but the house is empty."

he starts  walking to our left, circling us. my eyes follow him, but i dont move.

"im surprised they left you behind. weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?"

"yeah you could say that."

"wait, this is the Laurent?" i ask Bella finally placing his face. "how were the Denali's?" i ask politely.

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