chapter 6

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"if i told you i couldn't fix these bikes, what would you say?" jacob says from the passenger seat of Bella's red truck.

"are you doubting your mad skills?"

"no definitely not, especially with Nina. i mean they'll run fine. its just, maybe if i was smart i would have dragged out the rebuild a bit. " jacob answers. we were on our way to a deserted road so jacob can teach Bella to ride her bike. i dont even know why i was with them.

"if you told me you couldn't fix these bikes, i would say that that's really too bad. but that were just going to find something else to do." Bella says keeping her eyes on the road.

jacob laughs.

"is that Sam uley?" Bella asks pointing to a cliff where four quiliette figures were.

"yeah, him and his colt." the figures start pushing another off the cliff but hes resisting.

"oh my god." Bella says as they push the figure off the cliff. I've seen it before in Brazil, its cliff diving. she pulls over to the side of the road.  "did you see that?" she gets out and jacob follows her. i reluctantly get out too.

"they're not really fighting Bella." jacob says laughing.

"they're cliff diving, seen it in Brazil." i finish.

"scary as hell, but a total rush." jacob adds. another figure jumps off the cliff, i believe its Paul.

"a rush?" Bella repeats.

"most of us jump from lower down." he says. "we leave the showing off to Sam and his disciples."

"you have kind of beef with him or something?" Bella asks.

"i dont know.they just think they run this place. embry used to call them hall monitors on steroids. now look at him." 

the third figure gets ready to jump, its embry but hes beefed up. weird he wasn't like that a month ago.

"that's embry?" Bella asks.

"yeah it looks like him but hes beefed up." i say thinking out loud.

"what happened to him?"

"he missed some school, now all of a sudden, he started following Sam like a little puppy. same thing happened with Paul and Jared. Sam keeps giving me this look, like hes waiting for me or something. its kind of starting to freak me out." jacob says.

"i get it. this one time this guy kept looking at me, turns out he was just a stalker." we laugh.

"well you should just avoid him."

"i try."

"okay." Bella says getting on the bike.

"alright you two kids have fun, im taking this home." i say hopping on the bike.

"your not helping?" Bella asks.

"i think Jacob's got this covered." i say winking at him. he gives me a look. " oh and i almost forgot." i say pulling a helmet out of the compartment on my bike. "dont die." i toss it to Bella and too my surprise, she catches it. i race off into the sun, having one destination and its not home.

i turn into the driveway concealed by the forest and park my bike. i take off my helmet, which i put on after tossing Bella the helmet, she probably wont use it though.

i take the key from under the  eave and enter the vampires house. the piano was no longer broken. i figure Edward fixed it knowing he had to come back someday and didn't want the memories. i sit on the bench of the sleek black piano and press the chords of a song i made. its originally a duet but, its just me.

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