Part 5 "Cinco"

Izeiah's Pov

Kinuha ko ang extra pair of glasses ko at sinimulang mag electric engineeer.

"Ipupunta ko ba ito dito o doon sa red wire o kaya blue wire" I said out loud.


"God, I can be an electric engineer someday, I should try and convince the elder to take a course related to engineering" sabi ko

I pushed the bush out of the way and I was met by a wide almost empty field. Finally. For the first time ever, I've reached the heart of the maze.

"Zeah Eizi Robinson." Someone announced.

"2nd" they added.

The fuck?!

They've got to be kidding me.

Pagkatapos ng lahat, nalaman kong ikalawa lang pala ako? Yung effort ko pa naman. Sinayang ko lang. Even karma isn't with me. Parang nagturn ang buhay ko ng upside down. How could I accept this ridiculous news? I even failed to complete my mission just to find out this? How could I live with this? I should have killed that someone who have the skull ring. This meant I'm going to suffer the punishment because I don't know who the riddle is talking about. If it was me or the Emperor's girlfriend, which I suspect the Emperor is Ivan but he told me he doesn't have a girlfriend and that didn't put me at ease because he could be lying or the Emperor might be someone else.

I wished I never forgot what his voice sounds like so I could compare it to Ivan's.

I sighed and thought about what the punishment is. Could it be eating vegetable? I shivered at the thought. Or could it be shedding blood? I felt the desire for blood burned inside of me. No. I will stop it at all cost. Even if it meant going against the elder's order which I found it more risky.

Naramdaman kong merong naglalakad palapit saakin. Liningon ko siya at kumulo nanaman ang galit ko. This guy.

"Ivan. You. I could have gone home with my prize if you hadn't interferred." I told him.

He grinned then he smirked.

"At--and you got the balls to just smile there?"

"Yes, I do, my dear Izeiah. Now, did you had fun?"

"Do I look like I did?"


"Your sarcasm is out of this world"

"Indeed, it does."



"Do you have any girlfriend?"

"As far as I could remember, there is none"



"Cross my heart and hope to die?"

"Cross my heart and hoped to die"

"Are you lying?"

"I'm not lying"

"Are you the Emperor?"

"I am the Emperor"

I froze. He froze. I stared at him. He stared at me.

"Aha!! Finally."

"You caught me off guard."

"So, you are the Emperor, huh?"

"I was only thinking of positive answers but if you insist. I shall be the Emperor the riddle had mentioned."

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