7 - Better Run For It

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7 – Better Run For It

A tutor.

The principle asked me if I'd be interested in tutoring. I haven't been here a full month yet, but he thinks I can be of help. Apparently, there's some students that barely made it to senior year, and instead of them suffering at the very end of the school year, he wants them to get help sooner.

He said the tutoring program happens every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, after school, at school. Students are not to tutor outside of school because, apparently, they get a little too cozy with one another, and no tutoring gets done...if you get my drift.

I asked him if he's considered same gender tutoring before, but he said studies have shown that people are most liking to learn from their peer if they're of opposite sex; even though they end up liking each other in a "nonprofessional" way. I laughed. It sounds like a book of some sort.

As I continued my journey home, I looked over the list of people I will be helping this year.

Of course I said yes!

At my old school, I helped people, and I quite enjoyed it. Although, my sessions were nothing like what the principle described, neither will they be. And plus, I'll have something to do after schools now. So, there's a plus.

There were two different names; Ryan Helton and Dawn Sawyer. I know none of them so I'm pretty excited. I had suggested a girl (Dawn) as well, wanting to prove McFerry's "studies" wrong.

As I continue walking along the sidewalk aligned with houses, I hear a weird sound. It sounds like someone shaking a can with a ball inside. I scrunch my eyebrows in total confusion. What is that?

I continue walking until I come to the side of a house. The house looks to have been standing for years, but the owners keep it in perfect shape. I then hear a sound that can only be described as air being blown. As I stand on the sidewalk, clear view of the side of the house, I see three guys. Each holding a can of spray paint in their hands.

I instantly recognized them. Team B.A.C.

I see Braddon crouch down and look inside a black duffle bag lying on the ground. He pushed a few things around in there until he finds what he's looking for; blue paint. Wait, why are they about to spray paint this house? Do they know the people that live here?

Conner shakes his can with an evil grin on his face, looking along the wall of the house for a perfect spot. I look at my surroundings, not a soul in sight.

Don't they know that their basically in broad daylight, about to commit a crime? Do they just not care?

Allen raising his red paint, but before he can begin, I call out. "Hey!"

All three boys instantly turn my way. I freeze under their stares.

Conner gets an enormous smile on his face upon seeing me. As if me catching him about to vandalize a house isn't a bad thing. "Sweet pea," he greets me.

Allen has a curious look on his face, probably wondering what I'm doing here.

And Braddon, he just looks irritated. He tosses his head back, a clear sign of frustration. "Why is she everywhere?" he asked no one in particular.

I walk closer to them, out of sight of the street, and into the yard. The closer I got, the bigger Conner's smile got, the more curious Allen face got, and the angrier Braddon got.

I feel the welcome seeping through.

"Who's house is this?" I asked all three.

"Sorry love, but we have a nondisclosure agreement. Guy Code," Conner answers easily. I nod my head in understanding.

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