chapter 15

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Perrie's p.o.v 

After I sat on the toilet seat for a while trying to figure out how to hide the love bite. I went downstairs and it was still in plain sight. "Perrie what's that on your neck?" I heard my mum ask. I hesitated to answer. I didn't want Jade's mam find out about is this way. I felt the heat rush up to my face as I tried to come up with a reply. "I..uhh" "She burnt herself with the straightner. "Jade pitched in quickly and I mentally thanked her. I shot her a look that said "I'm going to get you for this." she smiled at me innocently like she did nothing wrong. She was still freaking adorable. "Oh well be careful next time." My mam said and I nodded sitting down next to Jade. "So how did you become friends with my daughter?" Mrs.thirlwall asked and I seemed to choke up on my words.If we told her the truth she would probably hate me. "Well...err.....we didn't actually like eachother Mrs.thirlwall." I mummbled hoping she'd change the subject soon. But just my luck she didn't. She raised an eyebrow and asked "Why?" I looked at Jade seeing the worry on her face too. I didn't know Caityln was with us until she spoke up."Perrie used to bully jade. she used to make her do her homework and slap her and stuff." Both Jade and I yelled. "Shut up." At the same time standing there looking at Caitlyn in shock that she actually just said that. This girl knows everything about me that little stalker. "Oh" I heard Jade's mam mutter looking down at the table cloth fabric. "Well I think we should be leaving." My mom said hurriedly grabbing her purse and shooting us looks telling us to get up. 


The car ride was sickening it was dead silent and I could feel my mom's dissapointment fill the air. She hadn't looked at either Caitlyn or I . "Mam I'm sorry." I whispered when we made our way inside the house. She turned around to look at me shame filling her features. "Perrie if you had problems with school you could've told me I mean really beating other students you could get suspended or expelled what were you thinking?" I stared at my feet crossing my arms over my chest."This is partly your fault." I muttered not looking up at her . "Excuse me I didn't hear you what was that?" Her voice rising slightly . I looked at her bitterness and shame emotions overflowing in my body as I shot a cold stare at her. "Mam you know your just as part of this as dad. You sat there and watched as he beat Jonnie,Caitlyn and I not even bothering to stand up for us we had to take that pain over and over again. I couldn't even tell anyone!!!! No one would believe me. How do you expect us to not be messed up. He made all our lives a fucking living hell and we couldn't do anything until you divorced him . Just face it your just as twisted as I am of it.Took you that long to realize that your husband was a fucking physco.!!!!!!" I yelled letting all the emotions I've kept back for so long now come out. My mam just stood there in silence her face falling and I could tell I hurt her feelings. I immediately felt like a bitch ."I ...I.I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." She put her hand up in the air silencing me. "Of course you did but we're not discussing this go to bed." I could tell by the way her voice shook on some letters she was on the verge of tears. I went up the stairs guilt filling me. I punched the wall repeaditatly and yelled "Why is everything so fucking messed up?!?!?!?!?!??!" I shouted not really knowing who or what I was mad at anymore. I was mad at the world for making me the messed up person I am I blamed my dad for the way I acted I blamed everyone making sure that I didn't blame myself because non of this was my fault .  


Jade's p.o.v 

It was Tuesday and my mam hasn't spoken to me that much about yesturday but I knew she was dissapointed in me for not telling her who was hurting me. When she found out it was Perrie she was really shocked. I don't think she still has the same impression on her as before. Perrie didn't act different the next day she walked down the hall giving me a smirk when she saw me and continued walking down the hall with her clique. I saw that her right hand was bandaged. Did she hurt herself I hope she was ok. I hope her mum didn't hurt her.


I couldn't wait until Mr.Taylors class came along because I wanted to talk to her so bay. "Hey" I heard her whisper joy building up in my body. At least we were making progress with talking. "Hi" I smiled looking at the desk . "What happened to your hand?" she shrugged opening up her binder "I was bleeding I accidentily hit my hand on the edge of the counter top no big deal." By the tone in her voice I could tell she was lying but I didn't want to ask her about anything I could tell she wasn't in the mood to talk about it . I was so hung up on talking to Perrie that I forgot there was class work I was supposed to be doing. "Jade why don't you answer question 32." I shot my head up a little confused on what we were supposed to be doing. Right as I started to answer it I felt Perrie's hand grab my inner thigh making me take in a sharp breath this was not a good time for revenge I thought seeing Perrie smirk devilishly as Mr Taylor waited for me to answer."" She began running her finger tips up and down my inner thigh slowly tracing patterns on it and it was taking all my will power to not pounce on her. "We're waiting." someone said. I felt my face go beat red "It's.twennnn....." Perrie grabbed my thigh with such force I almost squeled ."Vannessa why don't you help her out." I let out a sigh of relief that he actually let it go. I glared at Perrie and she just shrugged like saying you deserved it. Her hand didn't leave my thigh until the end of the hour.

Once the halls were empty Perrie grabbed my collar taking me into the custodians closet and began kissing me forcefuly pushing me to the wall gently making sure not to hurt me and I grabbed the back of her hair pulling her even closer just needing her because I felt like I had to make up for last night. She trailed her lips to my my neck and once she found my soft spot she began tugging at it making a low moan escape my mouth.Once she heard it she pulled away smiling grabbing the doorknob attempting to leave me wanting more but I stood in front of her saying "Hell no your not leaving ." I grabbed her waist kissing her passionately feeling her smile into the kiss. She bit my lip trying to gain entrance but I kept my mouth shut. She frowned but her hands trailed down my back and she squeezed my bum making me gasp taking that as her oppertunity to slip in her tounge. She chuckled slightly putting soft kisses on my jawline grabbing onto my neck with her hand and my back on the door.But I felt myself falling down. 


Jesy's p.o.v 

I was walking late to class Mr.sander was going to kill me I thought I passed the closet hearing low moans from somewhere and looked around but all the classrooms were filled. No one but me was in the hall. My legs guided me to where the sound was coming from and ended up at the custodians closet. I hoped he wasn't doing anything frisky in there. Ew no that's just wrong. But the voice sounded a little like Jade's so I pulled on the door with no hesitation. Jade's body fell on the floor next to my feet "Jade?"I asked seeing the lipstick marks on her jawline and neck. Who else was in there? Right as I thought of that another body fell on top of Jade's all I saw was a blonde head and her arms at either side of Jade's head propping herself up so she didn't slam into her.She raised her head so she looked at me and I saw that the face was Perrie's. A million questions went through my mind at a second what were they doing? I knew she wasn't beating her since she wasn't in pain. "Holy shit" I said when I figured out what was going on seeing a love bite on Perrie's neck . 


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