Princess ●Lemon●

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So this guy is really damn handsome and irresistable ♡ and I kinda like it when he's so aggresive and shit♡ hope you enjoy it~

Requests are open,lovelies♥ don't be shy to request your own one-shot~



2p!China x Reader♡

Tears were falling down on your cheeks as the man who crumbled your life down hours ago was sleeping with his arms protectively around you.

How did a sweet girl like (y/n) got into this situation?

□6:45 am□ aged 17

Being the kid that you are,you took off from your home without even saying goodbye to your grandpa who was looking out after you eversince your parents divorced months ago.

It wasn't easy.

Your mom and dad were the best parents you could ever had. They never blamed you for anything,never accused you for disobeying and especially,they wanted you the best but never interferred too much.

Then shit went down.

Your dad was caught red-handed by your mom cheating on his office. The usual secretary-boss loveshit. That was when your mother officially lost her sanity and killed a human being.

She got filed a murder case,sentenced for four years of imprisonment. While your father took his own life by walking down on a railway with a train behind him.

Leaving you with just money and a huge piece of land, the court decided that you were to live under your grandpa's protection until you turned 18.


The walk to (y/n)'s campus was really nice. She was studying on a prestigious university,where all rich kids go.

But,she was different from them. She never acted like a brat just to make people recognize that she was rich. Instead,she was a simple gal,who wanted nothing but to live her life as a person who could save lives;

Yep,she wanted to be a doctor.

Walking through the large waves of people to her home room,her (e/c) eyed met a pair of red ones. As if time itself had stopped when she caught a glimpse of those eyes.

But,you needed to get to your room quickly. And so,you dashed towards the room,much to the man's dismay.

Unknown to you,those eyes belonged to Zao Wang, the deadliest guy on campus.

It was said he murdered seven students who dared to cross the line. None pressed charges against him,in fear that they'll get attacked to.

It was all true. And it wasn't just seven people… the number was more than that.

He couldn't get the view of (y/n)'s beautiful eyes out of his head. He became more fond of her. He wanted her for himself. And he knew no one would come his way.

He saw that she was more than what meets the eye. Zao saw how she helped the needy,needless of gender and state. And he wouldn't forget the day she stood up for him when seven guys cornered him.

He watched her from afar,looking out after her when she was alone.

To him,she was a princess that needs to be protected at all costs.

A princess who's bound to be the queen to the king of madmen.


Weeks passed and you felt like you were being watched. From your house to everywhere you'd go. And it became more intense when you'd talk to a guy,either older or at the same age as you are.

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