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Omega Pov

"We don't care, just tell us where Percy is." snapped Thalia

"Fine, he is or should I say I am right in front of you." I said, throwing my hood back to reveal my face.

"Oh My Gods, Percy it is really you!" screeched Grover.

"It is good to see you again G-Man." I said.

"Percy I missed you so much!" Nico and Thalia said at the same time.

"Well it is good to see you too, Pine-cone face, Zombie dude." I said looking at each of them. Thalia looked even happier, if that is possible. Nico just looked at me


"Why did you call me Zombie dude." he asked.

"Well I figured if I called you by your old names; it would quell any doubt you had that I am Percy. However I never really had a nick-name for you so I figured I would

call you what I called you right before I took a dip in Styx. I said it right after you said 'with great power comes great need to take a nap.' Remember." I explained

"Oh, yeah I remember now." said Nico

"Speaking of Styx, Percy what happened to you arm?" asked Thalia."Fair question, if you must know when I was in Styx I saw Annabeth, now that I cut all ties to her

the curse has been lifted, because she was my anchor to the curse." I explained.

"What happened to your arm, though?" asked Nico

"It got cut off, this one is made entirely out of ice." I said. I then removed the gauze and they stared at it for a moment.

"Damn, that must have been painful." said Nico at last.

"It was, but it helps, I can change it into a weapon." as I said that my ice hand changed into a blade about six inches long. The blade started at my wrist. Then I

changed it back into a hand and I re-applied the gauze.

"Wicked." said Thalia.

"Yeah will it cost a lot to get it, it better be wicked. Also please don't tell anybody who I am. I trust you, so I won't make you swear on Styx, but please don't." I asked.

"But what happens when the soldiers have to leave." asked Thalia.

'Then I have to leave. Sorry, but it is my duty as a Soldier." I said.

"But I don't want you to leave I just got you back." said Thalia.

"I am sorry, but there is no way I could stay." I said.

"Well maybe I could join the soldiers." said Nico.

"Just to be with me?" I asked. "Don't you have like more to live for on earth."

"Not really, Thalia and Grover are my only good friends here. I don't like anyone else except my father, but he has been acting weird lately. He has been very different

lately, and is showing even less affection towards his kids, if that is even possible. Also he removed my ability to enter the underworld, and he will not allow the spirits

to leave even when I call them." said Nico.

"If you truly want to become a soldier you must talk to Chaos about it. I will contact him later, and ask him to visit you in your dreams sometime soon if you are truly

serious about this." I said.

"I am." he said

"Okay that solves Nico's problem, but what about me and Thalia?" asked Grover.

"Sorry, but unless you joined, there is no way, and you are the lord of the wild and Thalia is a Hunter. I will come visit every now and then, but that is the best I could

do." I said.

"Okay." said Thalia and Grover at the same time.

"Also one more thing. You can not act weird around me. Don't act as if we are old friends. It might raise some eyebrows." I said. They all nodded.

Annabeth Pov

I saw Nico take Thalia and Grover somewhere. The have been gone for a while. I am not worried more just curious. They finally appeared walking out of the woods

with grins on there faces. I walked over to them to ask where they went, and there grins disappeared.

"Where did you guys go, and why are you so happy." I asked.

"None of your business, Chase." snapped Nico.

"Hey, Nico don't be rude, but Annabeth we seriously can not tell you." Thalia said in a kinder tone. We have grown apart ever since Percy disappeared. She does not

hate me, she just treats me like an acquaintance. Grover and Nico just down right hate me. I wonder if it had something to do with Percy.

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