Chapter 11 Mall Time

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Chapter 11

I felt sick as I said again. I felt Seth grab me and hugged me . We walk out holding hands. As we were about to walk away I heard Mandy talk with her stupid bitchy voice.

"Oh hey Skyler me and Josh came here to buy you a birthday gift". She said acting like it was the most natural thing on the planet. It would be when lady GaGa dressed normal or when picks danced and flew in our air.

I was about to say that I didn't really need a gift, but before I could answer I felt dizzy. My head fell a bit until Seth lifted it up and put me near his chest. Smiling I notice how beautiful his eyes looked in the light.

"Skyler are you okay?" Seth and Josh ask in unison, I nod not wanting to worry them and fixed myself on the ground. My head nodded then I fixed my shirt as it went up a bit.

"Well ok and Josh just to let you know your on my bad side don't think I'm not going to tell Brandi" I said and rolled my eyes .As I look closer to josh I saw as if he had two life a good one and a bad one. The bad one was winning thought. I just figure I was stick hyped up on all those drugs so I didn't give much though on that.

" Don't worry about that sweetie I broke up with her" Josh never called me sweetie or broke up with a girl then ask out another the same day. There was defiantly something wrong with him.

" Ok well see you later" I said suspicious but tried my best to not show it. Which seem convincing to myself so I hoped it was for them as well.

They nodded and me and Seth walked away. After a long time looking around I found a store I was going to get my costume at I made Seth go to some store that look like a sports store.

People looked at me and smile and waved. I just some and nodded, a women around her thertys came up to me with two thirteen year old girls.

" My , would you mine a picture my daughters love you" said the women with a southern accent . One girl started jumping when I nodded. I had a few young girls be my fan as I did sing with Josh one time and now I was starting to sing on my own.

We took the picture then when I finish I walked into the store. This was my favorite store but they only had two of them here in California or state. Magic Rose was the name of it , the store is a moracann theme. The old women at the casher walked up to me and smile.

"Hello Miss.Evans would you need help today" I nodded a no and said thank you thought.

I went to the back where there were sides with vailes and another side with skirts and a side with the tops.

I grabed a dark blue and light blue top that was like a bra but had gold chain falling down with Roman coins.

The a black one pink one yellow orange , teal , purple , white , red and one green.

Then I got the long skirts that had the coins that were the same color as the tops.

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