HANBIN ~ Hot sweet night

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C/N = the name you want for your future daughter/son with your bias in ikon :D

_______ = your lovely name

the next imagines will be about you, as ikon's wife. There's no inappropriate scenes. I'm not good at writing smuts. And I'm just 15 😂 hahaha. You may find this cheesy. Mianhae!


"What the, Hanbin? Your ex-girlfriend just texted you. Are you still talking to one another?" I asked him, curioused about his reply.

He stepped out the bathroom with a towel wrapping around his waists. Ugh, I hate it everytime he is topless.

"What? She texted me? I don't even know. We don't have a communication. How could that happen?" Hanbin sat beside me. We're sitting at the edge of our bed.

Hanbin? I got your number from your cousin. Can we fix everything? I miss you so much.

That's the thing written on the text message she sent.. I shot a glare at Hanbin and he frantically shook his head. He already knows what I'm thinking.

Stay the fuck away from Hanbin or I'll tear you into a million pieces. I'm his wife. You got nothing to fix dear. He's mine you bitch.

I replied. Hanbin read my reply and he just messed his hair while smirking.

"My wife is a war freak." He teasingly chuckled. I gave him an evil glare. I threw him his phone and laid down the bed.

Aish, even though we're already married, I still can't fight the jealousy. Hanbin was really inlove with his ex before. I'm afraid that he would leave me for her.

As I was facing on the side of the bed, I covered myself with a blanket. I don't want Hanbin to know that I'm being so emo again.

"Hey _______." He touched my shoulder. I sniffed and wiped my tears and faced him.

"Why? You need something?" I asked him. His eyes were glimmering. We just stared at each other for a moment before he spoke,

"We've been together for years. I already know you _______. Now tell me, are you je---"

"Yea I'm jealous! I don't even know why. What if she will tell you that she still loves you? What if you still have feelings for her? What if I'm just a rebound? What if---" He cut my words as he dragged me on the bed. Now, he is over me. He gripped both of my wrist and smirked in front of my face. 0.00001 centimeters apart.

Yea, we already did that thing. But I'm still not used to it.

"This is not a staring game Kim Hanbin. Get off of me!" I tried to get my hands from his grip but he is strong. Should I scream for help? Aish, my kids will be awake.

He sharply looked at my eyes, down to my nose, then to my lips. I can feel my sweat running down my face. I feel so hot right now.

"Kim Hanbin! Are you even liste---" He cut my words again by kissing me on the lips. The heck is he doing?

"Hanbin we're not playi---" He kissed me again. Why did I marry a weirdo like him?

"Stop kissing me!" I shouted. He chuckled and smirked again. That killer smirk. I might get pregnant again.

"I will kiss you when I want to. Stop whining okay? Like what you said, I'm only yours. I won't let any girl steal me from you. You're ugly when you get jealous." I rolled my eyes. I don't want him to know that I'm dying inside because of his shitty sweet words.

"Just get off of me okay? I can already feel your chest on mine." He didn't reply. He looked at me seriously and raised his eyebrows up and down.

"No Hanbin! I know what you're thinking! I don't want to do that tonight!" I shouted at him. This position is killing me and making my brain dirty.

"Do what mommy?" Hanbin and I quickly arranged ourselves when C/N opened our door.

I forgot, I didn't lock it.

"C/N? You're still awake?" C/N walked to Hanbin while scratching his/her eyes.

"I can't sleep daddy. Can I sleep here with mommy?" I nodded and we laid down the bed. She/he is between me and my weird husband.

Hanbin looked at me and smiled.

"Let's do that next time mommy." He whispered through my ear.


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