part five

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(Cassie's perspective)

Do you know that feeling of a hangover right after you wake up from a really bad drunk night? I could feel my head throbbing so hard like there was someone hammering my brains right out there. I blinked hard and long as I tried to regain my memories of yesterday night.
What the hell exactly happened? Why were the two of us there on the floor passed out? Did I blurt out anything? I blushed and look over at him. He was still sleeping soundly. I shifted over softly and gently pecked his soft cheek. His slender and smooth baby skin was just so nice to the touch of my lips. I pulled away reluctantly as I woke him up to have breakfast.

(Evan's perspective)

I jolted awake and bits and pieces of what happened last night was stuck in my head. I couldn't exactly remember what happen and I didn't know if it was just my imagination but I thought I had kissed Cassie. But from the looks of it, I don't think so. She was so normal this morning. Maybe it's just... Was I having a major crush on my best friend? I mean, I don't think we'll ever be more than that. We were friends who can talk about anything. But...I could taste her in my mouth, all that sweetness. I just wanted to walk over and hug her from behind and kiss her. Maybe we did make out last night? No, wait I shouldn't be thinking of things like that. She totally doesn't like em and I totally don't like her and that's that. Friends. Ok. Best friends.

I took a deep breath as I greeted her a good morning with my signature smile and went off to brush teeth and she tagged along behind as she had to brush hers too.

(Cassie's perspective)

I could remember how we had gone all the way from back then to this stage where we such good friends. I know I wasn't going to tell him how I felt about him. I mean, what if he didn't feel the same way? What if he told me we could never be anything more than friends? Or what if he rejected me and because of this we couldn't be friends anymore? I couldn't risk that happening. I've come so far to have build up this great friendship and trust with him. I wasn't gonna crush all this and go back to being strangers. I'm satisfied with what we are now. I'm ok if we have to live like that forever and be nothing more rather than we become nothing.

I'm sorry this is kinda short some stuff has happened and I think I'm gonna give up on updating and I might delete this story because of the things that are going on. I'm sorry if I disappoint anyone with this news (I don't think it'll affect anyone) I hope it's ok that I'm just gonna leave this here for a while then maybe take it down :/

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