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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Twelve

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(Leo's Point Of View...)

               "Do you think they know?" I asked Derek, looking nervous.

               He looked up from his video game with an adorable confused look. "Say what?"

               "Do you think they know that we're together? Or something along those lines."

               He gave me a weird look. "Because I defended you? They would be stupid to think that." He returned his gaze to the T.V.

               I twirled my fingers around the fabric of my bed sheets, wondering what people really thought about me. Obviously a straight guy wouldn't had dressed up as a woman. Unless he's a big joker and those are the cool ones. But I dressed up and worked it like a real drag queen.

               "Don't worry about it, Leo." Derek had paused the T.V. and was staring at me with concern in his eyes. "I don't think they know."

               I sighed deeply. "I just want to be with you and not hide it. But our parents is the only thing that's stopping it..."

               He laughed quietly. "They can't stop us from being together even if they don't approve of it. We're two humans and we can do what we what."

               I rolled my eyes. "Easier said than done."

               "Then let's do it. Let's just tell them that we're together. And if they have a problem with it then they are terrible people. Because what we have is genuine love, I can feel it, see it, breath it, touch it. I could go on and on."

               I giggled, embarrassed. "You're so cute."

               "Not as cute as you."

               I looked away as my face scorched bright red.

               "Stop that," I mumbled.

               He snorted. "No way. I will tell you how cute you are everyday. Now come here and sit by me." He patted the empty space next to him and I quickly obeyed. When I was about to sit down next to him, he grabbed my by the waist and pulled me on his lap.

               " know anyone can walk in on us right?"

               "Let them walk in then, we aren't doing anything wrong."

               He gripped his hands tighter around my waist and felt him get hard underneath me. I looked down at him and gave him a look. "Really, Derek? Really?"

               "Nature, baby."

               I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I threw myself away from Derek. Every time we get lovey with each other, something or someone always has to interrupt it.

               Kate burst through the door with a wide grin on her face. "Kate, the amazing is here!" She shouted, spreading her arms apart and gazing up at the ceiling. She looked down at Derek and her smile faded. "Is that a boner?"

               I held in the laughter as Derek tried to cover it up with his hand. "Yes? So what?"

               She blinked. "Oh nothing."

               "What do you want, Kate?" I asked her as she stood still on the same spot.

               "Your mom sent me to tell you guys that dinner is ready," she was glaring at me, which was intimidating.

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