Plagues POV

My heart sank as I watched them start to leave towards the house. Zya looked back straight at me as I suddenly froze thinking he spotted me. His eyes were full of sadness and pain as my own eyes started to water up a bit. My wolf suddenly growled with hatred making my eyes snap away from Zya. Ikari then hissed out

"He left you remember... He doesn't really want us!"

"But, Ikari, he is looking for us right now, if he didnt love us he wouldn't be here right now."

My wolf growled at me as a strong urge to rip someone up was going ballistic. I ran out of the house through the back door and searched for a hiker. I grinned evilly as I smelt blood being pumped as my mouth started to water up. This baby was making me and my wolf so bloodlust I had to kill at least two or three times a day. Plus, my wolf was so moody and pissy at the moment. I just knew that my son will become a fierce warrior, just like me. I started to play with the hiker once I found him, by running around him making him twirl around many times. I went further up the path without him noticing and walked towards him down the path. I could shift in fear of killing my son. See your wolf form does not change when you're pregnant all the time, the wolf side could reject the child easily and suffocate it.

The man's eyes were locked on me as I walked into his view as I stopped a couple of feet away from him. Something was different about him, his heart wasn't pumping as fast as a normal human male would. The guys brown eyes frowned as he hatefully says

"How the hell did you get up here?"

I frowned to myself, well that was rude, what a dick. I then said faking a hurt tone of voice

"I live in a cabin close near here and I decided to hike for a bit, can I not do that now?"

The guy kept glaring as he hissed out

"Bullshit, you're a nine month pregnant werewolf... A weakling as I can call."

This guy had some nerve calling me a weakling. The guy grins showing his fangs as I soon realized that he was a Menoki. I growled to myself and hissed out

"This is bullshit, get out of my way so I can kill a pathetic human... Another think asshole i'm Eight months and i'm not fucking weak like your women."

The guy starts to laugh as he hissed out with a sarcastic british accent tone

"Don't act like that mate, you don't want to piss me off. Now, where is your darling little boy you call mate that was running around me."

I smiled evilly as I started to giggle to myself and walked up to the Menoki as I giggled out

"Well... Mate. I have no mate with me at all."

The guys eyes widen as I grabbed him by the shirt and pull him close to my face and said

"Let's play... Mate"

I was breathing hard with blood smeared all over me. I grinned at the memory if me ripping him to pieces, he did put up a good fight but no one EVER defeats me.... Ever! I heard him ready to get into a nice hot soothing shower and get cleaned off. I got inside just to see Jenkins sitting on the chair staring at me with an eyebrow raised. I bit my lip in nervousness and softly say in a tone like a teen girl got caught sneaking out.

"I got a craving again..."

Jenkins stood up nodding his head and replied

"As long as I and Master Vitali are not the victims of your craving, I am fine with it. "

I smiled in relief as I looked around the room trying to see if Vitali is here. Jenkins then said as if reading my mind

"Master Vitali says that he won't be able to come tonight because of our guests Aida, Roku and Zya."

I nodded my head and said

"I had a feeling that might happen. Are you going back to the mansion, Osamu?"

That was Jenkins first real name. Osamu nods his head slowly and says

"Vitali said it would raise suspicion if I didn't came back, my lady."

"Well, the baby should come tonight... It should be due in a couple days or so."

Osamu nods and wishes me a good night and leaves. I took my amazing soothing shower and quickly got into bed after I got into my pjs and got comfortable. Zya kept popping into my mind... God how I missed him but my wolf kept reminding me what he did. He threw me and my baby out of his life. I finally fell asleep exhausted from today, this baby wore me down quickly.

My eyes widen as I felt my water break and the pain kick in immediately... God it was painful like the baby was trying to claw its way out of me. I screamed in pain wishing someone was here to help me through this pain... Even Zya....

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