it starts getting heated

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Meliodas pov.

It took a while to find Elizabeth. Do not underestimate her legs.

Almost ten minutes go by and I finally find her. She notices me behind her and starts trying to run again. I speed up and grab her hand.

" Why? I almost killed you. Why? I'm dangerous. I can't control myself. Just let me go You said on the note you didn't care right?" She was sobbing. Hands covering her face.

I felt a sting in my chest. I can't really believe she actually I wrote that.

I didn't know how to keep it in anymore. I reached up cupped her face and kissed her. She was shocked. We had a fierce lip lock. She was guarding her territory . While I was definitely almost getting in, she lounged forward sending me on my back. This caught me by shock and she won. Her tongue was shy at first but caught on. I was running out of air so was she. I hated to do it but we has to stop.

I sit up her head in my shoulder and my arms around her. She had her hands around my head and fingers intertwined in my hair. She was still crying.

" Elizabeth" I say trying to calm her down" That wasn't your fault, you thought I wrote the note and you were being possed. There was nothing you could do."

" you knew" Her eyes is filled with shock and embarrassment" well then you should leave me, I could try to kill you again."

" Well this did happen when you weren't sleeping with me. So from now on you will sleep with me!" I said this with a wide grin on my face.

"Yes!" She said and hugged me again.

After 3 minutes we broke the hug. We sat there, just sitting.

GRRRRRRRRRRR...............Elizabeth's face turned bright pink.

" You must be hungry" I said getting up. I looked at her sternly" I know what you have been doing , putting your food in Hawk's bowl"

Her face blushed even harder.


FUCK! not again!

" ELizabeth hang in there" I was trying to pick her up and get her to Merlin.

She kept backing away from me.

" Meliodas-sama, please leave me. Save yourself." She said crying

" You know I can't leave you" I picked her up and ran to the tavern.

Luckily it was still the middle of the night so no one was out or awake to see the princesses in such a horrible state. When I neared the tavern It seemed I woke Diane and king. Gowther was on the balcony. They all looked at me but I didn't pay attention. I was rushing in the tavern the rest followed.Except Diane she was looking through the window. Ban shot up like an arrow after hearing Elizabeth, Merlin came running down the stairs. 

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