All Right with the world

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It's been a few years since the dragon fight. Kaitlynn moved on and is now dating Travis. Garroth has Cadenza. I have Aaron. The boys love him. They really see him as a father. I was making breakfast. For the boys since it was Levins birthday. "Good morning beautiful "Aaron said. "Morning. Ready to surprise Levin"I smiled. "The boy is turning fourteen. Of course I want to surprise him"he laughed. I grabbed Lilith and we walked up to levin and Malachi's room. I opened the door a little and then we yelled. "Surprise ". Lilith just cooed. Levin smiled. Malachi laughed because he fell off his bed. They ate and we went to the plaza. Everyone was there. There were presents and cake and all friends. Levin ran to Aleaxis. Malachi was just lonely. Kyle tried to hang out with him but he wanted to be alone. Lilith hung out with Zoey. I stayed with Aaron. Then it was cake time. He made a wish and we had delicious chocolate cake. Boy takes after his mom. Then presents. I heard something by the beach so I walked there. I looked at the sky. I felt the world skacking. I was confused. Then I saw a three headed monster. "Aph"Aaron said. I stood up. I hugged him. "What's wrong"he asked. "Nightmare "I said. "You are at the beach"he said. "I must've hit my head or something."I said. He nodded. "So have you been thinking about my question "he asked. "Aaron. I don't know. I know the boys love you but. I still have to think"I said. He stood up. And started walking back to the party. "You can't keep doing that every time I say that"I yelled. "I'm going back to the party. That's it"he walked off. I felt my stomach hurt.


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