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Note: This one is also short, but worth reading for ♥



"Yunhyeong! Please open the door!" I shouted from outside.

"It's open!" He shouted too. As he open the door, I smiled at him.

"_______? You adopted a pup again? You already got 1 cat and 2 dogs." My other pets ran to me and greeted me. I gave him the new pup and greeted my pets too.

"You know me Yunhyeong. I love animals." He nodded. I went inside and pet my new pup.

"I'll just cook our dinner." He walked going to the kitchen. The tone of his voice made me think that he is mad. I put down my pup and went to Yunhyeong.

Is he mad cause I adopted a new pet again? He's not really into pets. Ugh, I hope he's not mad.

As I reach to the kitchen, he's already facing his back to me while cooking. I grabbed the opportunity to ask him if he is mad.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, back-hugging him. I put my chin on his shoulder and looked at him.

"You really look hot in aprons." I whispered to his ear. He confessed to me that my whisper is his weakness. I hope this worked.

"I know." He replied. I hugged him tighter. I can now feel his abs. Oh damn.

"Are you mad? Sorry if I---"

"I'm not mad." He didn't even let me finish. I pouted, frowning. I'm not yet satisfied with his answer.

"Song Yunhyeong I'm so---" He turned around, facing me and pinched both of my cheeks.

"I'm not maaaaad. Seeing you happy makes me happy too. I'm just sad." I was about to smile but his last sentence surprised me.

"Why are you sad?" I said as I wrapped my hands again around his waist. I know, I'm so clingy haha. I just love hugging him. It already became my hobby.

"Because you love dogs and cats more than me." He pouted and made a sad face. And this? This is my weakness.

"Haha you're jealous! Song Yunhyeong is jealous over my pets! How cute!" Now I'm the one who pinched his cheeks. He made an irritated face that made him look cuter.

"Yaah I knew that you'll just tease me." He muttered. I kissed him on the lips and spoke,

"I. . ."

I kissed him again.

"Love. . ."

I kissed him again.

"You, Song Yunhyeong. . ."

Then I kissed him deeper. Aside from hugging him, I also love kissing him.

"You really know how to make me go crazy huh. I love you too _______. Now, you could adopt as many dogs and cats as you want." He kissed me on my head and hugged me.

"4 pets is enough. I don't want my baby boy to get jealous again."


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