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 "Get back here you little witch!"
"Hey! That's very offensive!"
"I'm gonna pound you into the ground!"
"You're gonna be the one in the dirt for that rude comment!"
"Get over here and let's see!"
"No thanks, this direction looks much safer!"

Currently, you were running away from a group of mean looking guys that wanted to be the crap out of you after the little incident where they were picking on some people and then you kinda punched them in the face. You knew it wasn't a smart move since you don't have a lot of muscle, but you weren't a fan of bullies. Which quickly led to you running for your life down the sidewalks. You didn't know if you would be able to shake them off, but it was your only chance of escape. You turned a corner and that's when you crashed into something.

The shock of it made you fall to the ground as you winced slightly from the head collision. You opened your eyes and smiled when you saw what - or in this case - who you ran into. Footsteps could be heard from behind you as Fushimi gave you a hand and asked, "You ok?" You nodded as you heard a familiar voice shout, "Hey! What gives you the right to go chasing girls like that?!" You turned around to see Yata yelling at the gang members that were chasing you earlier. The gang looked scared out of their minds.

"N-nothing w-we weren't d-doing anything b-bad." one stuttered. The other member was brave enough to shout, "We aren't dealing with you, Shorty, so get out of the way!" You knew that wasn't a smart move on his part and his friends seemed to know this too. "What did you call me?!" Yata shouted back as his anger seemed to rise. You heard the sound of Fushimi clicking his tongue as he stood beside the redhead. "I suggest you guys leave while you still have the chance or else worse things could come your way." he said.

They stood as if frozen for a moment before talking among themselves while taking a few steps back. "We'll let you off easy for now." one said while giving you a glare. You returned one as the gang turned around and started speedily walking away. "Yeah, you better run cowards!" you shouted at them which earned you a smack to the head. You crouched as you held your skull from the pulsing pain. "Owowowowow, what was that for?" you said between gritted teeth to find that Yata was the one that hit you.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Those guys could've beaten you to a pulp if we weren't here." said Yata with a tone mixed with frustration and worry. You stood up while rubbing your head then shrugged your shoulders not really caring about his comment. "What did you do to them anyway?" asked Fushimi. You gave a nervous laugh before answering, "Well, they were picking on some people so I went up and punch one of them in the face?" Yata placed a hand over his eyes as Fushimi only slowly shook his head.

"You're ok, though, right?" asked Yata with obvious worry. A big grin grew on your face as you quickly nodded. "Yep, I'm fine. No bruises or scars." you said. The two let out a sigh of relieve. You were a bit confused by this, but shrugged it off. "Anyway, let's go for some lunch!" You looped your arms around each of their own then started walking down the sidewalk with them being dragged behind you. Little was it known to you, but this would be the start of something strange.

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