Deadly Affairs- Chapter 18

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“Wake up Fuentes.” The guard said banging on the bars. I turned over groaning and slowly got up then jumped down from the top bunk to the floor. He handcuffed me through the bars then opened the cell. We started slowly walking down the hall, quietly.

“Where are we going?” I asked in a groggy voice still waking up.

“The detectives want to talk to you again.” He said.

“They’re starting to want to talk earlier and earlier now.” I said trying to make conversation.

“Yup.” He opened a door then he led me to the same room he takes me in everyday to talk to the detectives. To be honest I wasn’t really in the mood to talk today since I couldn’t really sleep last night because all I could think about was what I had said to Kellin yesterday. The guard took my handcuffs off then I sat down at the table resting my head on it until the detectives came in, they always liked to make me wait for a while for some reason.

“Victor, how are you feeling this morning?” Detective Walker asked very chipper.

“Tired, seeing as it’s 6 in the morning.” I rubbed my eyes and then yawned.

“That’s nice. So we heard you got a visitor yesterday, how was seeing your boyfriend?” She asked. I didn’t say anything, I just glared at her.

“What did you guys talk about? Is he gonna bail you out today?” Detective Hotch cut in.

“Now why would he bail him out if he was the one that sold him out?” Detective Walker  said sarcastically. I gritted my teeth together trying not to get pissed because I didn’t want them to see me mad. I was a totally different person when I was mad and that would get me in trouble because I had no filter when angry so I would probably sell myself out.

“Does that make you upset that we’re telling you how your boyfriend sold you out?” Detective Walker asked smirking.  “Because I got his statement right here if you want me to read it to you.”

I didn’t say anything I just stared down at the table trying to ignore them but she wouldn’t let up.

“Here, I’ll read some.” She picked up the file off the table and opened it. “When I arrived at Vic’s house I used the spare key to get in so he didn’t know I was there. I didn’t know he had company otherwise I would’ve knocked but when I was walking down the hall I heard him joking with someone about tools in his closet that he used to kill and it was some sort of turn on for him, it was absolutely disgusting and I couldn’t believe he was into sick and twisted stuff like that. I was just so disgusted by him -“

“He did not say that!” I said getting defensive.

“You’re right he didn’t say that last part but you know he was thinking it. Why else would he turn you in? Other than the fact he probably thought you would kill him if he broke up with you so he just turned you in instead.” Detective Walker said cheekily.

“None of what you said was true so it doesn’t matter. I didn’t do anything at all.” I said calmly, trying to get back to my normal demeanor.

“It is true! He turned you in! He sold you out! He doesn’t love you! Look!” She slammed the file in front of me then pushed my face closer to it. “Look at what he said! Read how he turned you in so easily! And let me tell you this he didn’t even hesitate while writing it! It was the easiest statement we’ve ever gotten!” She started getting louder. I turned my head away because I didn’t want to see it.

“No! Read the part where he says he said whatever he had to so you would let him leave the house. Read how he said he was scared if he didn’t say he believed you that you would kill him! Read it! It’s right there! How can he love you when you put fear in him? How can he stand by you when you’re a murderer? No one loves a murderer, you all end up the same; Alone, in a cell with no one loving you. He will never love you.” Detective Walker said.

“Stop, just stop.” I said getting choked up. The room got silent and I glanced down at the file and then took a deep breath. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, if you get Kellin to come down here and talk to me.”

“Confession first.” She said.

“No, I’m not dumb. Kellin first and I want to talk to him alone; No video recording, no audio recording, nothing, just me and him alone.” I said. They broke me because the one thing I love more than killing is Kellin and I didn’t even realize that until now. Detective Hotch and Detective Walker looked at each other like they were having some type of telepathic conversation.

“We’ll work on it.” Detective Hotch said and they both left the room. The security guard came in and took me back to my cell then I sat there waiting for Kellin to hopefully come.


“Alright, so he agreed to come talk to you.” Detective Walker said as we sat in her office. It had been about 2 hours since I gave them my conditions on giving my confession.

“What room are we going to talk in?” I asked.

“This one.” She said.

“Yeah, right. This room is probably bugged. I want a different room.” I said.

“This is the room you get.” She said.

“Then forget it, I don’t want to talk to him. Take me back to my cell.” I said nonchalantly like I didn’t care but I did I just hoped they would fall for it.

“Fine, we have an old room down the hall that’s been stripped of everything. Only thing in there are a couple chairs and a table.” She said. I got up and they led me to the room. I waited there anxiously for Kellin to come, I sat there staring at the door and tapping my fingers on the table getting more nervous as the seconds went on. I had no idea what I was going to say to him, I guess I should’ve planned that out instead of worrying about if he was going to come or not. The door started to slowly creak open and my eyes shot wide open. Kellin walked in and sat down at the table then stared at me.

“Vic.” He said and I froze.

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