Chapter 2: The Lesson

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The class bell rang catching me off guard as I blinked at my surroundings in confusion.

Class bell?


My eyes widened when I realized I was in the deserted hallways of my school, the last few people walking into their class as I pushed myself against the locker I was leaning on, my fingers absentmindedly running over the straps of my backpack as my heart raced.

How am I at school, I don't even remember getting here.

The last thing I remember was standing in my kitchen, male me, then Harry Styles.

"Is this what being high feels like..." I mumbled to myself with wide eyes, my gaze locking with the school janitor who was emptying one of the trash cans nearby, stopping his actions when he heard me as he sent me a questioning look making me flash him an uneasy smile before I fast walked down the hall to the other side.

I passed one of the class rooms, peering through the window of the door to check the clock on the wall inside.

Fourth period had just started.

But that didn't make any sense, it was morning, I don't even remember going to any of my other morning classes.

A chill went down my spine as I backed away from the classroom, heading to my own period as I shook my head.

Something was definitely not right here.

But really, when did anything ever go right in my life to be honest.

I entered my history class which made every head in the room turn to look at me in a synchronized manner like they always do when someone's late before I spotted Estella and Ashley in the front of the room, sitting in their seats.

Estella was talking rapidly, moving her small hands up in the air elaborately as she spoke while Ashley watched her with a blank almost bored expression, even though I knew she was listening and that her resting bitch face was just really strong.

I looked over to Mr. Klerk's desk, grateful that he wasn't in the room as I quickly made my way over to my two friends.

"Hey, you're here today! Why are you late?" Estella asked in her small voice, looking at me with her big brown eyes as a strand of her blonde hair fell in front of her face while I took my seat behind the two.

"It's Liza, she's always late." Ashley said with a smile, running her hand through her brown shoulder length hair as I placed my backpack down and looked at the two of them with wide eyes.

"You guys, does today feel... I don't know, does it feel kind of weird today, just like how the hours are passing and everything?" I questioned, my tone guarded as I tried to ease my nerves while they turned in their seats to look at me, exchanging small glances.

"You know what she's right..." Ashley began, her eyes widening as well as she looked between Estella and I while my breathing hitched at her words.

"It so feels like a Friday even though it's Wednesday today." She concluded with a nod as Estella snapped her fingers and pointed at Ash with a smile.

"Oh my god! Right!? I was just about to say that-"

"No I mean," I cut them off, making them look at me with confused expressions as I struggled to explain myself.

"I don't- I don't remember getting here at all. I was in my kitchen and then the next thing I know I'm at school. I don't even know how I got here and I don't even think I went to my first three classes." I blurted out, trying to emphasize how freaked out I was as they watched me with concerned expressions.

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