chapter 11

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Elizabeth pov.

That thing planted something on the side of me when I was sleeping. I know it did. I saw it do it. I tried to cut it out after it left me but I couldn't find anything.

I need to warn Meliodas, tell him to get away from me, or how I needed to leave. It's not as if it mattered he already told me to leave.

I will leave in the morning. It's not safe at night. Right now I need some sleep.

huh? I'm in Meliodas room. Am I dreaming?

I hear him call my name. I want to run and give him a hug but my body won't move. Of course I can't move i'm dreaming I think to myself.

In a blink of an eye my hand is around his neck. I saw the way he looked me in the eye. I knew this wasn't a dream. I had to get control of my body even just long enough to warn him.

I was trying all that I could. Then I used my druid powers. I FINALLY got control. But it was gone the moment I got it. Everything went black as if I was back asleep.

I heard Meliodas give the orders. He knew he was going to die. Why didn't he fight back? I knew he was holding back. Why? I Poured all my druid powers in on this the last time. I finally had control.

I immediately let go of Meliodas and ran out of the tavern hoping he wouldn't come after me. Yet a part of me hoped he did.

I ran toward a stream and cried behind a rock.

I almost got him killed because of me. Agian.

I heard footsteps behind me.

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