Chapter One: The First Day Of Fairy Tail High

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Nashi POV
It Was The First Day Of School New Freshmen, Sophomore's, Junior's and the worst New Seniors the hardest year ever "You have got to be kidding me I can't be in the same class as her this year to its senior year I should at least get a break from HER!" "Calm down Nashi she might be a pain in the butt but we all know you can take her." Said Sylvia with a smile on her face "You might be right about that but It's my senior year I at least wanted to enjoy the time that I don't have to work." 'Yeah I get that but don't forget it's her senior year to I bet she feels the sam..." Sylvia Said before being interrupted by Nova "Yes I'm in the same class as Nashi!" 'Okay, I might have been a bit wrong about that." Sylvia with a worried voice "Oh hi girls did I say that out loud." Said Nova in a sarcastic voice
Well I can tell this is going to be a long and exciting year

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