Chapter 7

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As the two arrived to the park and parked their car on the street, Harry led Louis out. He wanted to show Louis he was someone he could be with and that he was a gentleman, not a childish boy. Harry and Louis both linked arms together, watching the night sky as they walked in a calm and peaceful silence.

Louis was taking in the nature, so beautiful to his eyes, the world he wished he could live in forever.

Harry on the other hand watched Louis. He took in the way his eyes would light up when he saw something new and how his eyes were always darting around to see what he could.

As they both continued walking, Harry having a protective stance over Louis as it was dark outside, Harry decided to make small talk.

"So.. out of all the places, why'd you pick the park to go to?" He questioned, wanting to know the answer although he basically already knew.

"Well.. it's calm, it's beautiful, natures beautiful. I like.. watching every plant, every animal walk around and interact.. it gives me a small breather from the world we live in." Louis answered back, staring up at Harry with a small blush upon his face.

Harry arched an eyebrow, a small hum coming from his mouth. "Is there something bad in your life, love?"

Louis shook his head, a small pout resting upon his lips as he stares up at the taller man. "No.. I just like having alone time, especially when it's been a busy week with work.. and school, and the girls."

"The girls?" Harry asked, watching Louis.

Louis nodded, looking up at the sky, taking in a deep breath, smiling up at Harry after a moment. "My sisters, it's just my mom, my sisters, and I. Most of them are younger than me so I help my mum out."

This is good - ish. I know it doesn't seem like Louis but :/

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