Chapter 12 | Creating Routines

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And she almost didn't notice it.
Emma's father.

He really said it.

She kept staring at him, watching his mouth moving and talking muted, her thoughts too loud for the real world.

She came back to life when she heard Miss Blanchard's addicting laughter.

"Well would you mind if we sat here?" David asked pointing to the stools not next to hers but near enough to look like they were all together.

"No, no! Not at all."

She had never seen Miss Blanchard smile this much.
She had no idea she was this lonely person. As sweet as this, she would expect to find her with family and friends - just not wedded because she had already noticed she wore no wedding ring.

"How's the project going? Have you and Killian started already?"

"Yeah we already picked the book."

Emma kept small conversation.
She'd never ever imagine today she'd be sitting with her English teacher and adoptive father.

"Good. I was really afraid this project wouldn't go well, it's the first time I've done this."

"Yeah I like the idea of it. I like to think in other people's place."

"Yeah I found it interesting too. But okay enough school then. I see you two came here to have some time together. I'm having classes now. I'll see you tomorrow, Emma." She told her, giving her a little shoulder rub.

"It was nice to meet you." David said and they shook hands.

"Likewise." she said before walking out.

They finally order their hot chocolate and grilled cheese that David had told her it was the best here.

"She seems nice."

"Hum?" she mumbles after taking a sip from her drink, her lips with chocolate.

"Your teacher. Your teacher is nice."

"Oh yeah- she is."

She had never really paid much attention to her teacher anyways.

"So about this Killian-"

"Oh no no no. We're not talking about him again!" She was laughing at his teasing tone and that was weird because their atmosphere had been so awkward five seconds before.

"Oh come on I'm finally understanding how these crushes work. I saw the teasing look Miss Blanchard gave you when she mentioned him!"

"Oh dad you know no-" she stared at him wide-eyes, wanting to move her eyes away from his but she just couldn't -"nothing.." She continued more to herself than to him, her head finally turning around to face her hot cocoa and she watched him doing the same in her peripheral vision.

"You know... I'd like you to call me dad more times."

"Regina won't like it - I don't even understand why, but she won't."

It was true. Right from the beggining, Regina had made it clear that she should treat them both by Mr and Mrs Nolan because 'in their house there was respect', like she had said.

"Regina is a very complicated woman. I don't understand her major part of the times either, Emma, don't worry, you're not alone." He rubbed her head, she felt like he was some kind of old friend to her.

"How did you two meet anyways?"

And she was glad she asked that because after it, there was not even one single moment of silence or awkwardness. The two stayed there in those stools - she could tell that her ass was sore - but it was worth it.

She even talked about the Swans, her lost old foster family whose mother had died in a car accident and that she did not dare to talk ever about to anyone, telling him how she used to go run with her old foster father every morning and that she'd like to do it sometime because she missed feeling that freedom.

He told her she should have said that sooner, and that even though that was impossible with his fullfilled schedule as a sheriff he'd start asking for more free afternoons because he really had enjoyed this one with her, and he wanted to spend so much more like this.

Only right before dinner that they decided it was time to go.
They passed by the supermarket to get some ingredients and the two of them stayed at home cooking Regina's favorite: lasagna.

They kept looking at each other during dinner just listening to Regina saying that they "should have done the lasagna the way she does" and that "it would be much better if they had just let her cook it", trying not to blurt out laughing because they couldn't stop giving each other silly faces and long sighs, obviously making fun of Regina.

She missed this.
But she's never had this.

How could she miss something that she had never had?
It was a weird feeling, one that she hoped to have oh so many more times.

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