Chapter 17

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Thank you @lukes5sauce for the idea!

I wake up to Ashton rubbing my back and telling me to wake up. I slowly sit up and make grabby at him and whine. He looks confused for a second but picks me up.

"Is someone wet?" He coos and bounces me up and down. I blush and hid my head into his neck.

He chuckles and walks into the hallway to my nursery. I whine when he puts me down to change me but he  shushes me and rubs my stomach.

He quickly changes me and pulls out a light purple onsie and changes me into it. He picks me up and heads downstairs.

We arrive in the kitchen and Ashton sets me in the high chair and buckles me in. Luke, Calum, and Michael walk in and kiss my forehead. "Good morning baby girl." They coo.

"Hey guys we have to go to the studio today, do you think we should bring Taylor?" Ashton says as he emerges from the kitchen, holding a plate of eggs.

"Of course! I don't wanna be apart from my little girl!" Michael says, tickling my stomach while I giggle. "Alright I'll let John know, can you feed her?" Ashton asks, handing the plate to Michael, quickly kissing him and going upstairs.

"Love you too babe!" Michael yells, making me laugh. "Alright baby, you're gonna go with us to the studio so you can see us play songs! Won't that be fun?" Michael coos, feeding me spoonfuls of egg, wiping my chin when I'm finished.

I smile at him and clap my hands, making Luke and Calum smile. Michael picks me up and heads to the living room,plopping me down on the couch and turning on Go Diego go. ( fun fact: I believed Diego was my boyfriend when I was little lol ) 

I sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for the boys to get ready. Once everyone was ready, Calum lifts me up and walks to the door. I see Ashton in tow, carrying the diaper bag along with Michael and Luke following.

We get in the car and drive to the studio. When we get there, Calum checks my nappy before putting me on the couch and getting out coloring books and crayons. "Be good baby, we'll  be back soon." He says and begins to walk away. I cry a little and try to get off the couch.

Ashton notices and rushes over, picking me up and cradling me against his chest. "What's got my little girl so upset hmm?" He whispers, slowly rocking me back and forth.

I sniffle and rest my head on his shoulder. He rocks me around for a few minutes before putting me back down on the couch. "I promise it won't take long, can you be a good girl for me and stay here?" He asks, stroking my cheek.

I nod and he hugs me, heading through the screen door leading to the recording room. I wonder why I'm acting like this. Recently I've been wanting to act younger. I don't know why, I guess it feels good to feel more protected.

I color for 30 minutes, coloring two pages before plugging my headphones into Michael's phone ( strictly for music he warned me ) and listen to music, falling asleep.

When I wake up, I'm in the car, Ashton driving, Calum in the passenger seat and Luke and Michael next to me. "Hey sleepyhead." Luke says, smiling at me.

I stare at him, bombarded with a rush of emotions. I feel tears come to my eyes as i furiously try to wipe them away.

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong?" Luke says and unbuckles me from my seat and holds me on his lap, the other guys looking at us in concern.

"Can we talk about it when we get to the house?" I mumble into his chest. "Of course babe." He whispers and rubs my back the whole way home.

When we get home, we all go sit on the couch, me on Luke's lap. "What did you want to tell us sweetie?" Calum asks rubbing my thigh gently. I sigh quietly. "I want to be younger." I whisper.

The room goes silent for a moment before they all burst out laughing. "Baby that's totally fine! I thought it was something bad! We would love to treat you younger!" Luke says.

I smile and look up at them. "Come on baby, I think it's someone's nap time." Michael says before lifting me up and heading upstairs.

We enter my nursery and he lays me down on the changing table, quickly changing my nappy then walking over to my crib. He lowers me in and covers me up with a blanket and kisses my forehead. He flips off the light switch and exits the room.

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