Chapter 57

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Dinner was quiet but calm. When he did talk, he spoke of anything but his father and what happened today, which I expected.

I swirl the soap against the dishes, lost in a daze. Tristan's already sleeping in the bedroom, thankfully since he desperately needed it. I shut off the sink, content with the silence of this apartment.

I look around, taking in my surroundings. In the past couple weeks, Tristan has made sure to make me feel like I'm welcome here. Like this is mine as well. He went through the measures to inform every staff member that I live here now. He asked to hang the paintings that I had hung up in my old apartment.

He's done so much to make sure I'm a permanent part of his life.

And it all came at a price.

A price for both of us. It was excessive and daunting but worth the effort. I've never been happier than I am with him. I can't even imagine my life without him anymore... I don't think I could since the day we met.

He's hurt.

He's hurt and I wish I could help him. Unfortunately, this isn't something that he will be able to just push aside. His father's incarceration will impact our lives- privately and publicly.

And we're going to have to learn to adapt to it.

My feet move towards the bedroom, the soft robe flapping between my legs. I push open the door, turning off the light to the hallway. The apartment goes dark and it takes my eyes a moment to adjust before the moon aluminates my way to the bed.

He's lying on his side, the sheet halfway up his torso. I smile softly and unravel my robe, setting it onto the chair beside the mattress. I shiver as I lay my naked skin against the cool sheets, covering myself. Tristan stirs slightly as I press my lips to his back, wrapping my arm around his waist.

We lie in silence, as I'm fully aware that he's awake. After a moment, he rests his hand over mine pressed against his abdomen. I smile softly, moving closer.

"I love you," he murmurs softly, so soft I can barely hear him. I intertwine our fingers, nodding.

"So much."

The mattress deepens as his body turns suddenly. I remove my hand as he settles down, facing me. We move towards each other at the same time, enfolding our hands into each other's hair as our lips connect roughly. His tongue dances along with mine as his hands descend, grasping my face.

He moves above me, moaning as my hands curl around his backside, pulling him into me. His mouth leaves mine in a gasp, immediately grazing my jaw then my throat as he explores my body.

I gasp loudly as his mouth closes over my puckered nipple, curling my fingers into his hair. He sucks softly, rolling his expert tongue along the pink areola. Moving his lips over the soft emptiness between my breasts, he then envelops my other nipple, trailing his hand down beneath the sheets.

A soft gasp escapes his lips as his fingers glide through the most sensitive part of me easily due to my arousal. His lips are rough on mine then, rough and wanting. Unable to help the pleasure my body so desperately craves, I begin moving against his hand, wanting to get there sooner.

His tongue thrusts into my mouth greedily as I come apart beneath him, seeing stars. His hand leaves my sex then and I moan as I feel him slide into me, slow and deep. My body squirms, still in the throws of passion as he moves himself within me, pushing harder- making sure I take him to the hilt.

He gasps against my lips when I do, closing his eyes tightly. My lip quivers as I touch his back, gazing into his surprisingly gentle eyes.

"Lose yourself in me. I want you to."

He nods, settling above me, one hand positioned against the pillow over my head. He moves within me, slowly, grinding his hips into mine as I tremble beneath him. He grasps my head with his other hand and wraps his body around me almost protectively.

The sheets get lost between our bodies but it doesn't matter.

Our skin dampens, our breaths quicken, and our grasps tighten, as we get lost in making love to one another. As we lose ourselves in each other.


My toes rest against the cold faucet of the tub as I lean back, holding my cell to my ear.

"I missed you when I woke up."

"I so didn't want to get out of bed," Tristan murmurs, sounding in better spirits thankfully.

"You shouldn't have. You should have just worked from home."

He chuckles and I grin, biting my lip. "Wait- hold on."

I sit, hearing a distant conversation he's having with someone about a shipment of oil. I lean my head back against the white tub, closing my eyes. I have to meet the architect in an hour but I just can't seem to get moving today.


I come back into the conversation. "I'm here."

"Sorry, some fucking crisis with a shipping order and it's really not helping that everyone's tiptoeing around me like I'm about to kill them."

"Well, you kind of lost it yesterday, babe," I state, running my hand over my throat, fingers coated with body wash.

"Yeah, well, if they don't quit it, I'm gonna lose it again."

I laugh, shaking my head. "Give 'em a break. They're just worried about you."

"Uh huh."

I hum, sitting up. I wrap an arm around my knees. "I'm sitting in the bath."

There's a pause. "Are you?"

"Yep. Naked."

"... You, my love, are insatiable."

I grin, feeling giddy. "I'm not ashamed."

"Neither am I."

There's a loud thump that has me jump in place, looking to the door. I turn off the faucet, waiting until the room goes silent. Tristan is talking in my ear, but I don't hear a word of it.

My heart thumps wildly as I stare at the bottom of the door, seeing dark movements in the sunlight of the apartment.

Someone's in the apartment

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