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yo my name's rhianna and i'm a living, breathing trash can

some stuff about me:

❁ i'm a huge dork who loves to make people laugh so hmu

❁ i live in the land of tea and fish and chips but i actually hate both of those things i am not a true british citizen

❁ i really love cats they're like little bundles of joy

❁ i'm a teen who uses the pronouns she/her ((:

❁ i procrastinate so much that it's become a problem. like i was literally the last ambassador to write their chapter woOps

❁ i'll probably be shy and awkward if we speak but i'll soon open up just give me some time i can be soCiAl i sweAr

❁ i listen to a lot of music - twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, my chemical romance, melanie martinez, troye sivan, pentatonix and a lot more which i am too lazy to type

❁ i also love youtuBers - dan and phil, joe sugg, caspar, will darbyshire, arden rose, dodie, felix, jack and a lot more which i am also too lazy to type

❁ i'm slightly obsessed with anime, especially haikyuu because i love all of the characters and they are all my children oK

❁ i make really bad puns and dad jokes you have been warned

❁ i basically live my life on the internet so here are my social medias:
wattpad - galactic-kuroo
instagram - rhianna9109
twitter - totohowell_
kik - rhiannaisawkward
spotify - rhianna9109

❁ i am done and i just want to say i love you all ♡

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