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*Chapter 1: Getting ready *

" NESSIE! NESSIE! WAKE UP!" I couldn't make out who it was at first but then it came to me the only one who would bounce up and down on my bed to wake me up. Alice.

"eghh Alice get off my bed!" was all i managed to spit out.

"WERE GOING TO SCHOOL, WAKE UP!" she literally shouted down my ear.

" Dad please come and SAVE ME!" i thought in my head.

"Alice, get off her shes had enough" my dads chilled voice came from the door. "come on Nessie time to get up!" he continued

I got up fro my warm cozy bed and went to the bathroom to clean my teeth and have a shower while Alice sorted out what I'm going to wear today. I stepped out of my bathroom and walked over to my wardrobe ( the room half the size of my actual room, just for my clothes!) Alice put out the most gorgeous outfit ever on my counter it was some shorts and tights with a white top with a cross filled with leopard print in it and a black cardigan and some black heels ( not to big for school though) I quickly brushed my hair and dried it and let my curls fall all the way down my back to my waist. Then i ran into my wardrobe all excited to put my new outfit on and put it on very slowly so i didn't crease it. It looked good. i sat at my desk and decided to put all my pens and pencils in my bag and relax for a minute.

" Nessie come down here and have your breakfast please!?" i heard my mums beautiful voice call up the stairs.

"Coming Momma" i called back.

i couldn't get the song 'Love Story' out of my head since this morning, so i went skipping down the stairs singing it at the top of my lungs.

"someones in a good mood this morning!" I heard the most amazing voice say.

"JAKEY" I  shouted as i ran towards him and flung my arms round his neck as he spun me round in a circle. I have always had feelings for Jake. I heard my dad growl a bit. " dad get out of my head!" I Screamed in my thoughts, he just laughed. Jake had moved in with us Cullens a few months ago as we were moving to seatle, I never really asked why he came with us.

I dragged Jake to the table and we sat down opposite each other as my grandma put our pancakes out in front of us!

I took my first bite out of my pancake and looked up at Jake, he had already finished.

" Jeez. Somebodies" I got interrupted by my Uncle Emmet's booming laughter.

"Emmet Shut up, Its not funny!" I heard auntie Rose Shout.

"whats it with you guys?" I asked confused.

" Your Auntie Rose here has 3 lessons with the mutt!" Uncle Em says laughing again.

"You've got your timetables Grandpa please can i have mine?" i called to him with puppy dog eyes.

"In a minute sweetie let me just explain the rules, Go gather everyone!" he said back. I didn't really need to go get everyone, because them being vampires  they can hear quite a lot.

"okay" Grandpa Carlisle began " First of all Edward, Alice and Emmet will all be brothers and sisters sharing the last name of Cullen, Edward and Emmet will be Seniors and Alice will be Junior.  Jasper and Rosalie will be brother and sister with the last name Hale, Rose you will be a senior and Jasper you will be a junior. Okay so Bella and Nessie will be sisters with the last name Swan, Bella will be senior and Nessie your going to be a junior. and Jacob you are my brothers son who we adopted when my brother and his wife died in a car accident and your going to be a senior, Got it?" He asked and we all responded with some "yeah's" some "yep's" and some "eghhs" (from Jacob, he doesn't really like school)

" now here are your timetables" He said happily handing them out.

I had alot of my subjects with auntie Alice and uncle Jasper a few with my mum and dad i had one with Rose and Emmet and i only had two with Jake. Luckily we all had P.E together...that should be fun.

 After we all had finished reading our timetables i started to feel really nervous for a moment, then a wave of calm went through my body. Uncle Jasper. Sometimes i am grateful i have him around!

We all broke of from our group into two's. Mum and dad went off and got into dads silver Volvo. Auntie Rose And uncle Emmet went in the jeep, auntie Alice and uncle Jasper went in the Yellow Porshe and me a Jake went in my new purple Convertable. We were on our way to a new school.

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