List Of Vices

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Addiction - a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug

Adultery - voluntary sexual relations between a married person and somebody other than his or her spouse

Aggression - threatening behavior or actions

Alcoholism - dependence on alcohol consumption to an extent that adversely affects social and work-related functioning and produces withdrawal symptoms when intake is stopped or greatly reduced

Anger - a strong feeling of grievance and displeasure

Antagonism - hostility or hatred causing opposition and ill will

Arrogance - the act of feeling or showing self-importance and contempt or disregard for others

Avarice - an unreasonably strong desire to obtain and keep money


Bias - an unfair preference for or dislike of something

Bigotry - when somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views

Boastfulness - to refer immodestly to possessions or achievements

Bragging - to talk with excessive pride about an achievement or possession

Brutality - unrelentingly harsh and severe; extremely ruthless or cruel


Callousness - showing no concern that other people are or might be hurt or upset

Chauvinism - unreasoning, overenthusiastic, or aggressive loyalty to a particular gender, group, or cause

Cheating - to deceive or mislead somebody, especially for personal advantage

Conceit - a high opinion of your own qualities or abilities, especially one that is not justified

Condescension - behavior that implies that somebody is graciously lowering himself or herself to the level of people less important or intelligent

Corruption - dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain; extreme immorality or depravity

Covetousness - to have a strong desire to possess something that belongs to somebody else

Cowardice - an absence of courage

Crabbiness - a disposition to be ill-tempered; irritable in character

Crankiness - disagreeable and easily irritated or annoyed

Craziness - not showing good sense or practicality; one affected by a psychiatric disorder

Cruelty - deliberately and remorselessly causing pain or anguish; bringing about pain and distress

Cupidity - greed, especially for money or possessions


Decadence - a state of uninhibited immoral self-indulgence

Deceitfulness - intentionally misleading or fraudulent

Dementedness - completely unreasonable or lacking any sense of the consequences of actions taken; affected by the loss of intellectual functions

Depressive - to make somebody feel very sad or hopeless

Despairing - somebody that makes somebody else feel hopeless or exasperated; to feel there is no hope

Discourtesy - behavior or an action that is bad-mannered or impolite

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