Otto- Black eyes

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"Sei la mia vita."

"You are my Life."

George Clooney as Adriano Russo

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George Clooney as Adriano Russo. What do y'all think? Yey or ney.

Anyways, I honestly thought people wouldn't like my book lmaoo. But to the people that pressed the like button you. Are. My. Favorite!


Paxton raises both eyebrows. "Name it, brother." He said quickly.

I take a deep, long breath and lower my voice. "Get Reese Covington to come to dark knight tonight." His eyebrows knit together in confusion. But when he sees I'm serious his whole face changes to fear.

"Absolutely not." He says after a minute. Paxton's dark brown eyes glare at me. I suppress a sigh. He thinks his relationship with Reese has been a secret.

It's not. Well, not to me.

I cross my arms. "Then I will go up to her and work my charm." Paxton's Adams apple bobbed up and down as he swallows nervously.

He throws his head back and groans. "Well, damn. How long have you known?" He asks.

I make a thinking face. "Well, for one. You were not fucking the girls at the estate. So I put two and two together, I just knew you had to stick your pinky somewhere else." Paxton snorts when I say pinky. "Oh, and I followed you." I couldn't help but grin at him. "And have you forgotten who the hell my father is? He has been teaching me how to spy on people since I was three." And a lot of other things. I think to myself.

Paxton has been dating Reese since he started collage, six months ago. He's twenty one and my mother always told him he'll be someone in life. Paxton's smarter than most of us. He has always liked school but since his father died, three years ago, he dropped out of it and officially joined the mafia. Adriano put him in charge of the money. How much goes out and how much comes in.

And although my mother literally begged him to go back to school, he refused. One morning my nonna went in his room and made him go in roll, hell she went with him. So he started the next day at our community Vegas college.

"Who else knows?" He whispered hoarsely.

"Just me." I replied, almost feeling guilty for using him like that.

"Has anyone told you you're an asshole?"

I chuckle and say, "Once or twice." Paxton looks behind him to make sure we're the only ones in the dim, empty hallway. When he knows no one else is around he says, "Why do you even want me to bring her here?"

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