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9 March 2015


It was finally 12am on the ninth of March, Suga's birthday. We celebrated his birthday at the lounge room on the second floor as it was nearer to the kitchen where we kept the birthday cake.

There were loud music blaring out from the stereos and confetti sprawled all over the floor. Suga was overjoyed by the birthday surprise, indicating that the surprise was a success for us who had planned it for him.

"Come, let's take a photo!" I exclaimed as I placed a camera on a stand before turning on the timer.

Five seconds later, our candid poses was taken and I rushed over to the camera to take a look. I was hoping to laugh at our weird poses but instead, my jaw dropped seeing the photograph taken.

There's eight people in the picture?

I gulped as I scanned through the photograph to see an unknown face just between J-Hope and Rapmon who were standing at the back. The unknown face, however, was a little blur but it was definitely not any of us.

I squinted my eyes to take a closer look and realised that the unknown face was of a girl's. Her features were not clear but I could make out her eyes and face. Then, it struck me.

I have seen her face though but––where?

I looked around the lounge room to see only the seven of us and no one else. Chills started going down my spine at the thought of the girl's face in the picture.

Should I show this to my friends?

I decided not to since they were all having fun together with the birthday boy who was jumping around gleefully. I joined the rest of them, trying to forget what I had just saw in the picture.

However, I was unable to feel the fun vibes anymore because I could feel an unusual presence in the room with us. I felt uneasy. I sat down on a sofa and scanned around the room. There was nobody else though, just the seven of us. Somehow, I knew something was amiss.

"Hey Tae, look at Suga's face in here!" J-Hope exclaimed as he showed me a photo of him and Suga making funny faces in his phone.

However, I immediately pulled myself away from the phone after seeing the same face of the girl standing just behind Suga and J-Hope in the picture. I freaked out and shivered like crazy.

Can't J-Hope see that 'face' too?

The answer was pretty obvious since he was laughing non-stop at the photos of him and Suga making funny faces.

"Wait––look at Suga's face! OH MY GOD!" J-Hope shoved his phone right in front of my face again, showing me another photo in which I saw a glimpse of it before pulling away.

There it was again. The girl's face.

"ENOUGH, ENOUGH!" I bellowed so loudly, all my friends startle.

They all turned to me with confused looks, unsure why I had shouted. I hastily stormed out of the lounge room and headed to the lifts, ignoring them who were desperately calling out for me.

I went down to the lobby and left the building without a second thought. I did not know where to go but I just allowed my feet to bring me wherever.

Bring me wherever––as long as it's far away from this building.

I'm just too freaked out.


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