"What are you doing?"

"nothing just finished smoking and did some homework"

"you now smoking is really bad for your lungs its like it sucks up all the blood out of it and it looks black a shriveled up."

I shivered at the thought of my lungs being looking like that. I got up and digged in my bad full of papers,pencil's,and condoms.  Which I should give to Val Because I'm not going to use them any time soon. I finally found my pack of twenty that had five left and lighter and threw it in the trash were it belonged . I loved how he could just make me do anything. Oh. how Leonardo had such ways with words. When we met online I felt like I was the only girl in the world like there could be no other for him. He wrote me a poem that I saved to my docks and when he wasn't online i would read it to my self over and over again until i knew it by heart. " My love, there will be no other for me. Our hearts beat as one. As your blood flows though your veins so  do I. I feel like you and I were supposed to be together like destiny. Yes, destiny brought use together and it will keep bringing us together."

- Leonardo

I just felt like i was floating on air every time I thought about us together married with kids. I could think of anything when i was with him. well thinking of him i have never seen him in person which is fine because lots of people do online dating and don't see the person for years. Val thinks I'm crazy. She is always saying how he's an old man who likes to talk to girl. But, that's not true Leonardo and I were kind of married.well  actually i don't have a ring but on Match.com were married. That's good enough for me.

" so you want to talk or what?"

"I'm here  so sorry baby  i was throwing out my cigarettes away. Since you don't want me to smoke anymore." Which was going to be so hard.

" :) good Phoebe my little cucumber"

I giggled i loved it when he called me cucumber it was my favorite vegetable in the whole wide world like if I was on a desert island and i had to choose one thing to bring duh..in a heart beat it would be cucumbers I eat them with everything even with pizza.

" Leo, What is your favorite food to eat?"

Some time went by and he didn't answer. I hope I didn't say the wrong thing that made him get up set. Some more time passed and I started to pass. "oh my gosh I did make him upset now he hates me now I will never be happy" I thought"I'm so stupid I'm nothing with out him like air means nothing without him." Tears streamed down my face and I start to ball and roll over the floor. " my life is over....I will never be the same with out him. He's my everything." I thought

" um... i love bloody mary's"

oh..thank you Jesus he's not going to leave me for an older woman. Even though I was really pretty for a16 year old . I had long black hair that went past my shoulders, Blue eyes,Creamy white skin that looked it's  best in the summer when I  got my tan, 38 B bra size was OK I guess.

" Phoebe I can't wait any longer I have to see you now."

" Leo I  love you so much...but I can't just see you your like..well I don't know your age but I bet its older that me.  And besides  I'm 16 that would be rape and I don't want you to go to jail....so I think it would be better if you stay where you are."

"oh..my Phoebe I  think about you every day and night. Every day I wake up with no one beside me. Phoebe I want to wake up to you. I want to come home to you. I need you Phoebe I need you I'm dying with out you I'm just so thirsty.."

what the hell he's thirsty? Then he needs to go  drinks some water.